Who is this West Ham transfer target?


Marko AnautovicWithin the last few days West Ham have been linked with Werder Bremen front man Marko Arnautovic, Marco joins a long list of strikers supposedly on the West Ham agenda. It’s been frustrating for the ‘Hammers’ as they recently missed out on Lille forward Salomon Kalou; so the search will go on for now!

Austrian international Arnautovic has played for Werder Bremen since 2010 and so far he has had a controversial time with the club, from 2009-2010 Marco had a spell in Italy with Inter Milan; in which the manager at the time (Jose Mourinho) described him as having ‘the attitude of child.’ Only a few months back he was involved in a training ground altercation with a teammate, the list goes on!

My personal opinion on reports linking us with Marko Arnautovic is a poor one. I haven’t particularly got anything against the player for his past misdemeanours, if you take a look at his goal-scoring record; it’s pretty unsatisfactory. It’s obvious that the next forward we bring in will play in a support/cover role for Andy Carroll, so it makes me question how Marko would react to that?

It has got to the point where we can’t afford to be too picky, so far our search for a new striker has felt never-ending but, I would prefer to wait a bit longer rather than panic buying.

Marco’s height and dominant presence may be ideal for our squad; I just feel that isn’t a good enough reason to spend money we seemingly don’t have on a player who could bring more bad than good.

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  • Deano says:

    I say use Maiga as cover for AC, n go out and buy a right sided player , to play on the right side. No confusion on where they play regardless of Carrolls fitness. They would be guaranteed regular first team footy.

  • mt says:

    We do not just need one striker but two or at least an attacking mid/right player also ,as I said earlier just look at nufc ambition

  • Wayne says:

    Im starting to get very frustrated with this transfer window now with us being linked with a new striker nearly every day but with nothing ever seem happening thou. I just hope we can get the striker or strikers in that we need now and this window can shut and we can just all get on with it.

  • ian says:

    arnautovich will play on the wing,thats his strongest postion,and his goals record for a right winger isnt to shabby-would we take 18 goals over 2 season from a winger?hell yeah

  • Ben says:

    Why are we being linked with every foreigner that’s scored a goal in the last 2 seasons??? I give 3 names all English all score goals and are quick, all available for little money. Darren Bent, Jermaine Defoe, Andrew Johnson. All three would make our squad better. Bloody simple

  • deefers says:

    With AC playing all the time in a 1 5 4 formation no other forward worth his salt will move to WHU.
    What 15 – 20 goal striker is going to play second fiddle to AC???
    Should have gone for Bony and Remy, not

  • the swindon hammer says:

    should have gone and got Charlie Austin trust me he would have got goal in the prem now us fans have got to just bite the bullet and bring back defoe we would get him for 6m but id say we need 2 strikers so depending on how much dosh is available id try and get rhodes

  • Neil says:

    I’m patient, I’m not listening to paper talk until I see the player shaking hands with Sam on tv. Who ever we get as to be able to put the ball in the back of the net. I have a funny feeling that Sam may find his benteke out there who knows that player may already own his west ham shirt. All those teams buying all those players may regret it at the end of the season. Work are a good example of this. In these financial times and the moving into our new stadium, I feel the owners are moving in the right directions. But must stop giving us the supporters false hopes eg. Bony. And all those other top class players banded out there. Just my way of thinking. A happy hammer for life in good and bad times and I feel these are going to be the good times, there’s more to SAMs managing skills that people give him credit for.

  • Brooking says:

    The most obvious thing to do would be to buy victor Moses as he can play up top out wide or even in nolans position also is young powerful fast and scores goals. As Gollivan said they wanted a right sided player who can play up front who is fast and scores goals. Moreover he would be cheap as they have loads of competition in his position.

  • jay says:

    turgott morrison i keep saying the same thing just give theae guys a chance i know they will surprise ppl

  • Pete says:

    Brooking, not a bad call, not going to much time on the field at Chelsea. but havin got rid of 4 forwards, someone needs to pull the rabbit out the hat quick, or we are going to be sort starting this new season.

  • Philtheiron says:

    I hate this time of year! Can’t wait for it all to kick off again! I know despite having sold a few we are a far stronger squad than last year and some of our preseason results have been outstanding!(I know they’re friendlies). So despite other teams spending like there is no tomorrow and us being linked with just about anybody who has ever kicked a ball! I am quietly confident we will have another excellent season! However, what I can’t stand and I am sure i’m not alone,is being disgusted and a little nervous in equal amounts by the numbers of players being linked with the club and then who sign elsewhere. This doesn’t help our confidence and allows all the haters to have a field day with anything from the owners, the board, the OS and a chance to pooh-pooh all the good that has been done over the last couple of years! We simply must hold our nerve, keep the faith and in Big Sam we must trust! COYI!

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