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David Gold David Sullivan Karren BradyOne thing that is assured of by being a West Ham fan is you will be put through the emotions.

The tears, the celebrations, the frustrations, shared amongst supporters is the same way, whether in the Bobby Moore Lower, freezing cold on a winter’s afternoon, or huddled into a sweaty Sydney bar at 2am during a typically sweltering summer.

But whatever the score, or however the team is playing, one thing guaranteed to produce an equally polar response in the pub is a camera shot of co-owners David Gold and David Sullivan sat in the crowd.

The pair, popularly termed Gullivan, are hailed as heroes by some, or mocked as Statler and Waldorf muppets by others.

What is fair to say however, is the profile of the club has been increased under their stewardship.

Many fans will claim we have always been a big club in terms of status within the game. The reality is, the way things are with sponsorships and branding, the column inches in newspapers and TV air time is allocated to the Premiership clubs.

So when we were relegated soon after their arrival, many would expect the club to slide down the radar of recognition somewhat.

The co-owners saw it differently. They in fact did well to keep us in the news. There were stories circulating, linking the club to David Beckham, general talk of the Olympic stadium, and feature articles about ‘the owners who are fans’. They never missed an opportunity to get a quote in.

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The appointment of Karren Brady brought its own publicity, and she too has leverage to publicise the brand through various multimedia channels.

On top of that, a dozen or so games were also scheduled for live broadcast, enabling fans around the world to properly follow the team outside of the top flight.

Messrs Gold and Sullivan have stuck to their guns, and garnered support by remaining commitment to an honest and open approach about many of the club’s operations.

Whether it be the finances, transfers, or the move away from the Boleyn, they have offered fans an insight into almost every aspect of West Ham United.

They have also embraced new ways to interact with the fans. Whether Jack Sullivan’s actions on Twitter are acceptable or not, his father certainly utilised it in recent weeks to great effect, answering direct questions posted to him.

Whatever your thoughts on the co-owners, they epitomise West Ham – passionate, at times infuriating, but ultimately a fond underdog success story.

Whether their actions can be considered right or wrong, what is surely unquestionable is the club is working towards a better future with them in place.

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The longer they stick around, the calmer things will behind the scenes, even if not in the nerves of those watching on match day.

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  • Ray_The_Hammer says:

    Yet another well written, sensible piece by our Aussie cousin.

    I find it amazing that there is still a significant minority of West Ham fans that still can’t bring themselves to acknowledge the fantastic job G&S have done for our club. Long may they continue.

  • Thomas Repka says:

    Agreed the club has been run so much better since they arrived and it went up a notch with the arrival of big Sam.

  • Carl Bateson says:

    From a writer on this site ( not for while I must add ) What a excellent well written piece that demonstrates what Gold and Sullivan are doing and doing well!!

    Agree with everything said. Look forward to reading more of your work!

    Carl Bateson
    Northern Hammer!

  • Trevor says:

    I’ve been a supporter for 40+ years and for the first time I can honestly say that the club is moving upwards. The club needed this shift in the mid-60’s, mid-70’s and again in the mid-80’s and was never allowed it. After John Lyall was ridiculously sacked in 1989 the club almost sank into obscurity (despite the efforts of a certain Mr Redknapp). Had it not been for Gold and Sullivan (not to mention Ms Brady), we were looking at a future not too dissimilar to that of Leeds United.

  • Laclaw says:

    To me they are Marmite, I luv em for what they have done for our club, But the move to the OS I totally hate em …

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