West Ham ace heading for the exit?

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Ricardo Vaz TeRicardo Vaz Te was a player who could do no wrong at West Ham; he had the opportunity to earn ‘legendary’ cult status after scoring the winning goal in the Play-Off Final against Blackpool.

When Vaz Te was signed from Barnsley for half a million , nobody could have predicted the impact he would go on to make; he went on to score 12 goals for West Ham from January up until the end of the season, 24 goals in total that season.

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A very impressive goal-scoring record for a player who looked on the brink of losing it all, and after failed moves to Hull City, Hibernian and Greek side Panionios, Ricardo managed to re-invent himself!

After West Ham secured their way back to the Premiership, Ricardo stated that he would leave should the right offer come along, especially if it was from his home land of Portugal. Upon hearing the news, West Ham were naturally disappointed but were understanding.

But after some underwhelming performances from Ricardo in the Premier League last year, it now appears that Ricardo could be on his way out of East London, with Championship side Nottingham Forest hoping to secure a deal. Vaz Te has showcased his talents at Championship level and would be a great buy for any lower league club, thats not to say he’s never going to be a Premier League footballer again-after-all the dislocated shoulder he sustained early on in the season; hurt his first team chances.

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If the Hammers hope to sign a couple of more players, they will need to trim the wage bill down, in order to meet the ‘Financial Fair Play Regulations’ so Ricardo could be one on many to leave.

With the arrival of Stewart Downing, does that spell the end of Vaz Te’s time with West Ham?

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  • Graham says:

    So Vaz Te could be off, but who is the west ham ace that might be leaving!? Please don’t tell me you were classing Vaz Te as an ace!!!

  • bubbles says:

    Rather keep him for the bench and get rid of Taylor , Collison and Noble. He has a bit of flair about him and has inspirational moments . Certainly more than Noble and Taylor . Collison could have made it but injuries too bad to make him a worthwhile risk .

    • Stivenz says:

      Seriously get rid of Noble and Collison! Taylor yes please need to move on some of the old guard. But if you honestly rate a mediocre player such as Vaz Te higher than Noble or Collison your mad. Vaz Te is pictured in the dictionary next to many words: Inconsistent, Greedy, lazy admittedly would prefer to keep him unless someone better is coming in. Noble although lacking what you call flair is the heart and soul of the team, unlike the headless chicken we had before (sorry Scott Parker) Noble is vital to the whole mechanics of the team. Finally although Collison has suffered with injuries that look like they will probably persist where would we be without his energy in midfield remember las years play off game against Cardiff? The lad really wants to play surely he deserves that chance?

    • The Cat says:

      Taylor yes, BUT Noble & Collison????…..Don’t think so.

      Also, although I’m not happy with Vaz Te (and haven’t been for a while), I hope this speculation is what he needs to give him the proverbial kick up the…. to wake him up to the fact that his career is slipping back into the abyss of mediocrity!

    • paraiso says:

      ABSOLUTLY spot on ,Taylor -Noble -Collison plus Mcartney should all go before Vaz Te ,when Vas Te plays through the middle, any thing can happen !!!!

    • ed says:

      what ? are you on drugs ? noble and collison arent going anywhere. theyre our best homegrown players and are premier league standard. Matt Taylor is absolutely terrible so i agree on that. I think the criticism on vaz te is unbelievably harsh. He’s a 6ft1 center forward who has been forced to play on the right wing !!!! in the championship he played wide on the left wing, got himself 12 goals and caused chaos. He only played left wing ONE TIME this season against Stoke away and was awarded man of the match !! Give the man a break

  • The Cat says:

    I also read his views at the time and was aware of his new found confidence and desire to play for a bigger club or a club in his native Portugal after our promotion where he scored goals for fun and couldn’t put a foot wrong.

    Although last season’s form was hampered by the shoulder injury his inability to impose his game and be effective for us in the Premier league was a concern and I have to admit that I feel he has drifted into a position of a squad filler of a player who does a job but doesn’t pull up tree’s. At some point an ambitious manager (Big Sam) will want more out of a player than just filling a position in a team & as much as I look back misty eyed to our promotion, IF we can get a goal scoring striker or Demba Ba in by sacrificing Vaz Te, I’d do it in a heart beat.

    ……..Let’s hope we can get Demba in then!

    • Andrew says:

      Demba will be on 3 or 4 times more money than Vaz . how will that help with financial fair play?

  • Spence55 says:

    When I read the headline ACE, I wouldn’t have dreamt in a million years that you were referring to the serial disappointment that is Vaz Te. How he’s lasted this long is a total mystery to me and those who witness his lacklustre performances week in week out. To put Mark Noble in the same category as Vaz Te is a joke. At least Mark sweats blood for the Hammers…Vaz Te looks like a frightened rabbit in the headlights…Do some of the posters on here actually WATCH whats going on out there ?????

  • Sactownhammer says:

    Noble, might sweat claret and blue, but he is slow as s##t. His corners and free kicks are poor. He is just not Prem starting quality. Squad player.

    • Spence55 says:

      So everyone has to run at 100 miles an hour do they ???? Nobles strength is his ability to keep the *****ing ball which Vaz Te Taylor and others lose for fun. A local boy with a big heart is worth 50 mercenaries who come and go. Get off his back.

  • Philtheiron says:

    Ha ha ha! The laughs just keep coming! Vaz west ham ace? You must be joking! Nearly as funny as getting rid of noble! What planet are some people on? Injuries aside Vaz was out of his depth last year and should be now moved on. Matty Taylor is a wholehearted player but like Vaz just doesn’t have it at the highest level. Collision had more potential than the two of them but serious injury has about done for that. If we have to sell to bring in one more quality signing be it on loan or permanent then I’m afraid any two of the above three would have to go. Don’t think Big Sam is quite finished yet and I have the feeling that he has one more big signing up his sleeve! But it should be remembered that the signings we have made and the squad we already have, make us a quality football club in the kind of rude health we have not enjoyed for many a year.

  • Neil says:

    Sale , Macartney and whoever keeps having persistent injuries. If your forever on the treatment table your know good to the team. We have not got a large team like some so until we pay off our debts, we will have to make do with the likes of Noble, Vaz Te, etc.Once we are no longer owing the banks money, then we can bring in players of higher standards and technics. If we can bring in 1 or 2 more unknown quality players who come cheap and wants come to play football in the Premier to prove themselves with West Ham , which will not affect our finances. We’re going in the right directions. If its not broken there’s no need to fix it may be tweek it but not by overspending, the word is budget. We’re going places trust me.

  • Ausie John says:

    No disrespect to Vaz te but he is a superstar cause the gentleman who wrote it is very intelligent , he has got everyone talking about , will done but l admit it as soon as l saw the headline l had a look , but who ever plays for the hammers are stars

  • la claw says:

    Well said Ausie John… on here we can talk about players and how well or not they are doing.. But on match day the boyz in claret and blue are all superstars and we stand behind them bad game or not… plastic Toss*rs please leave the building and follow the yids, chelsea, leeds etc

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