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Liverpool winger having medical at West Ham today

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Stewart DowningWith today’s news of Liverpool winger Stewart Downing having a medical at West Ham, it puts our mind at ease (for a while at least!!) that some quality is being brought in.

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An England international who can play on either wing and not at the inflated price he went for from Aston Villa must be looked at as some kind of a coup.

If Downing can recreate the form he had at Middlesbrough and Villa then we will have, in my opinion, made one of the signings of the season.

Maybe we can show Liverpool how to utilise Downing and Andy Carroll properly!

The upcoming season looks bright but we need a striker with AC out for a month. Jermain Defoe anyone?

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  • Jesus says:

    Defoe made his choice when he handed his transfer request in all those years ago, yid scum

  • Al says:

    I’d take Defoe back in a flash. He’ll score goals. Comments like the one from jesus just makes hammers fans look moronic and racist. Yossi is jewish, he’ll always be held in high esteem at the west ham. Grow up.

  • hammersmad says:

    Would have Defoe back in a flash. Playing him off Carroll could wreck some defences. Potentially goals, goals, goals!!

  • ed says:

    yes mate. We will show liverpool where they went wrong. Kenny Dalgleish will be slapping himself

  • Ian says:

    Well happy with downing signing he was superb for villa not that long ago. Plus always nice to do one over Liverpool again!
    I would have Defoe back, yes he is a bit of a tit and was bang out of order putting that request in when we went down, however, this is modern football, players have little morals or loyalties so we best get used to it.

  • wolfie says:

    Defoe was not much more than a boy when he made that remark.He’s regretted it since.For the 1st half of the next season,even counting the red cards,he was our leading scorer and will always find the back of the net.But compared to the on-going Rooney,Suarez & Bale saga’s his was just a silly”knee jerk”reaction to relegation.
    I,for one,would be happy for him to return he would get at least 15 goals for us and thats what counts.COYI

  • Johnsey says:

    Downing would be a superb signing, pace, great crossing ability and he’s got a hell of a shot too.

    I would go all out to get Defoe too if it was possible, it amazes me that a young player who scored a hatful of goals for us, then asks to leave because we were relegated, is seen as a “judas”. But Teves who managed only half a dozen goals and cleared off the minute he could is seen as a hero.

    There’s a lot of growing up to do from some supporters.

  • Ian says:

    Agree on the tevez comment, in the long run done our club far more damage than Defoe ever did!

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