FIVE predictions for West Ham’s season


Sam AllardyceSo here we are less than two weeks before the big kick-off and the big question is what will this season bring us?!  Last season for the first time in lord knows how long we had a fairly non-event season, finishing in a nice mid-table position, however, after the previous few seasons of turmoil I think we can all agree that this was just what the doctor ordered?!

So here I go with what I think may happen to West Ham United this season (please note some of this may be a bit tongue and cheek!)

The Long Ball Label

While Sam Allardyce remains in charge, this simply will not go away and with Tony Pulis leaving Stoke City we may rather frustratingly be labelled with it even further.  With Andy Carroll becoming our marque signing the press will simply pick up on this being how we plan to set out for the season, which I think is unfair as a certain “Special One” certainly used Drogba as a focal point in his previous spell at that club in West London!

We played some good stuff at the Boleyn last season but the away form and style of play was dire and I really hope Allardyce will address this, but I fear not.  If we run into a poor patch of form or if the home form takes a turn for the worst then I expect the long ball arguments to really intensify.

The Injury Crisis

Despite having Allardyce at the helm with all his medical science expertise, we will without  doubt still suffer our annual crisis in this department!  Andy Carroll was injured before he signed and his fitness is obviously a major concern.  Hopefully Kevin Nolan will keep him out the Essex nightclubs, however, our captains fitness left a lot to be desired last season and I understand he may have been to Ibiza on 3 separate occasions this summer, so lets keep an eye on that one come the Cardiff game!

Our squad is thin on quality numbers, therefore we could do with a break on the injury front this season, so fingers crossed everyone!

The Olympic Stadium

Not going to go away is it?!  I’m bored feckless with it all to be honest, but it will be a recurring story throughout the season.  Barry Hearn keeps piping up, imagine he just wants some money out of us rather than looking out for the Orient fans!

The fans are still split on the move, must admit I remain 50/50 on the whole thing.  I think Gold and Sullivan need to a bit more open with the fans on the subject.  I know that there was a survey last season, but the question, in my and my friends opinions, were poor.  Therefore I hope to see an open meeting between fans and the board on this matter, we need to be all singing from the same hymn sheet as at the moment the matter is as clear as Simon Cowell’s love life!

The 1st Team squads Barnets!

Now this is very important matter for me!  There is plenty of potential on the barnet front, obviously Andy Carroll brings back fond memories of Ian Bishop and his flowing locks!

I was disappointed to see Ricardo Vaz Te chop of his Carlton Banks locks last season, I hope these make a return at some point during the season as it may see his form return.  Kevin Nolan was trying for the TOWIE look last season, I can only hope Allardyce has had a word here, as this will not do for the Captain of West Ham United!  Hopefully Joe Cole will grow his hair, he looks a convict with it all cropped, lets have a return to his mop top days from his 1st spell at the club!

However, the real icing on the cake would be if the Allardyce moustache returned!  There has not been a good tash at the club since Trevor Morley in the early 90’s!!

Final Position

Anyhow back to more serious matters!  I like to think that relegation will not be an issue, however, the lack of numbers in the squad and a big injury to Andy Carroll, could change my mind in this department.  I have said in previous articles that I believe will tick along in mid-table for the next couple of seasons in the lead up to the big move to the Olympic Stadium and I believe this will remain the case.

A cup run will be nice, but this is not in the Allardyce blueprint, which I find very frustrating, given that we are never going to compete for the top 4.  I don’t want to be a club just making up the numbers in the Premier League.

So in conclusion;

Final Position              9th

Top scorer                    Andy Carroll

Breakthrough              Ravel Morrison (PLEASE!!!)

Cup runs                      Nah!!!

Up the Hammers………

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  • Dwayne Bournes says:

    Have more faith in the hammers were moving foward some great talent coming up threw the ranks

    • tjg says:

      1) Carroll will get injured in first few games
      2) They’ll panic and get Carlton Cole back
      3) Joe Cole WON’T be played as a central midfielder, where he is best
      4) Penalty taker will be our top scorer
      5) 16th at the end of the season, if we’re lucky

      The squad on paper at least is much weaker than last season.

  • Dave the Happy Hammer says:

    All very light hearted indeed. I agree, out of the cup early, a few more points and anywhere between 8th and 12th.
    I do think however that we have a stronger squad than you seem to believe. COYI.

  • Dave says:

    I reckon we are in for a hard tough season.
    I’m unimpressed wih our transfer activity. Taylor off to Leeds now apparantly.
    I reckon we are still a good goalkeeper, better right back, right winger and forward away from a relegation battle.
    10th place was an over acheivment, 3 weeks before the end of the season we were all lookking over our shoulders.
    I’ll take 16th now.
    Squad is weak.

  • Trevor Young says:

    I cannot see us having an average season. We will either have a blinding season or an absolutely atrocious one! Would like to see another striker feeding of Carroll. I know I will be abused but Defoe would be ideal 😉

  • The Cat says:

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I didn’t realise that I was supporting a club with unlimited resources and we were competing with citeh and chelski for players!

    Joking of course, but I feel we’re making progress and that we have a better squad than some realise or believe. Peripheral players that didn’t play regularly last season through injury or otherwise have had a full pre-season and have formed a better understanding with their team mates eg Joe Cole.
    Everyone and his dog knows that we have been looking for a striker, but I have faith they’ll get the right player in…… and if they don’t………. We’ll just have to do a Barcelona and play the invisible No 9. After all, we have got some emerging talent in midfield now.

    Keep Calm & Don’t Panic…….. I’m not!

  • shaz says:

    The first lot of games will tell – need to pick up as many points from them as we can – i too would like to see defoe back – give us a different option. Cant see how we have a weaker squad we have diarra back which replaces o’neill rat has come in and adrian – would like to see someone come in on the right and another striker – we have maiga who can score goals – hopefully he will have settled in more and get a better chance this season plus morrison is having a blinding pre season so hopefully he will get a chance too

  • Irons fan says:

    We have a much improved squad having got rid of the donkeys that were Carlton cole and Gary o Neil and bought in the legend that is Roland rat. Just need to add one quality right sided striker which I’m sure we will. We have plenty of midfield options. I think ravel Morrison can replace o Neil. Lad looks promising

  • reggie says:

    We will have a good season andy carroll will score 15 to 20 goals and we will finish 6th to 8th in the league andy carroll is a great player and morrison will be good come on the hammers

  • Garry says:

    I’m really fed with fan nocking big Sam get behind the team. Yeah I admit we need another striker but I’d never want Defoe back Mallony is a better and cheaper option.I would really like us to get Sinclair on loan that’s enough players for me and I don’t believe we have a weaker squad .

  • TorontoHammer says:

    All in all the early window signings made me think we’d be in great shape by early August. Now we’re within 2 weeks of the start of the season and i find myself in concerned mode, bordering on panic. We need at least another striker and possibly one or two other squad improvements. I’d like to think theres a Plan B………..Ba, Sinclair, Zaha……..that BFS knows hes going to get. Otherwise a top half finish is cloud cuckoo land.

  • Philtheiron says:

    After a great start to the transfer window I think we were all in danger of getting carried away with it all! The doldrums since has brought us all own to earth somewhat. But I think we were always going to struggle to get the quality needed to back up Carroll, so although we have some money I think it was always going to be some last minute loan deals as clubs need to shift highly paid but unwanted stars. Sinclair springs to mind!(please). Still, no need to panic! We have a stronger squad this year, quality wise and barring a lengthy injury crisis another good season! (10-12)th place! To look forward too! COYI!

  • Will says:

    We need pace on the right hand side then ill be happy get varela from Porto for roughly. 5 million… Sorted

  • Greg says:

    Hmmm. I think we have some top quality talent at the club (Diame, Jarvis, Cole, Carroll, Tomkins, Morrison (again, hopefully), Nolan,) these are all top players. Agreed a couple more inventive players would be nice (mind you Big Sam hardly made the best of Yossi last time out). Mid table beckons. Been wrong before, obviously. Wouldn’t rule out a cup run either.

  • Dave the Happy Hammer says:

    Its stale mate in the transfer market. Dont panic, im sure we’ll get a surprise or two before the window shut. Its only spuds making it look busy spending bale’s money before they got it lol. COYI.

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