Do West Ham need to worry about Mohamed Diame?

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DiamewFor a lot of last season, especially from early December onwards, the contract stance of Mo Diame was up for debate.

In a window where many were looking for a story to grip their talons into, Diame’s contract was one that was highly debated on. The trait of looking for a story that is not really there happens most transfer windows, but more so last January as there was very little movement in that window. Newcastle United looked for a French revolution; Harry tried to save Rangers with Remy and Samba, and David Beckham wrote a eulogy to his career in Paris. Apart from these moves, and Joe Cole coming home, little happened. This meant that the media’s trait of looking for stories, that weren’t actually there carried into the January window. Although, there was some truth to the Diame situation.  Despite last summer signing Diame, it was reported that he could be leaving the club the very next January. 7 months on, and I ask the question, should we be worried if Diame was to leave the club due to his contract?

In my opinion, not right now. If Diame, which would be unlikely, wanted to force a move from the club, and cite that his release clause allows him to leave, it wouldn’t be too big a blow to the club. I see Diame as a crucial part of our squad, and I see him as a part of our team that would be highly detrimental if he was to leave. He would be a detriment to the club because his role is such a crucial one. When he joined the club, I was under the impression he would sit in front of the defence, and this would allow Mark Noble to be a second midfielder to Kevin Nolan. However, this has been the role Diame has played, and he has played this role very well. Not just for the performances over Chelsea and Manchester United, but for his impact in the team throughout the year. He allowed Gary O’Neil and Noble to comfortably sit in front of the defence because he was in front creating passing opportunities. When Diame received the ball, he would run, and how he would run. Charging through midfields and defences. Not allowing the other team to get a hold of him was key. This is why he was linked with Arsenal, Newcastle and Liverpool. Simply because he could be the terrier that some of those sides miss. Liverpool misses the work of Xabi Alonso, and Arsenal miss Patrick Vieira. I am not for one-minute comparing Diame’s ability to those two. Diame, as good as he is, lacks range and skill to his passing that those two have. His role and workload is comparable to Viera and Alonso. Nevertheless, I still feel that we should not be too bothered if he left the club.

Football isn’t the business it used to be, mainly because very little players stay at one club longer than 4 or 5 years. Diame has been with West Ham United for just one year, and an impressive year it was. Although, there are others around. If he was to leave the club, which I hope he wouldn’t, we could easily find a replacement. Alou Diarra could step in, Ravel Morrison could be given the chance many feel he will get, or even West Ham United’s man of promise for the last few years, Jack Collison. All of those could step into his role. If not internally solving that potential problem, you could look around the league for a replacement. For example, players such as Scott Parker, Gareth Barry, Steve Sidwell could all fit well into West Ham United’s system. I highly value Mo Diame, and hope that he signs a new contract. Yet if he was to leave, I would be the first to trust in Collison or Morrison to fill that vacant role.

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  • dan says:

    Very incorrect. Your post is made even more laughable by the fact you would replace diame with Parker or Sidwell and even barry who is the worst player ive seen. You sir are a fool/

  • Deano says:

    Diame was one of our best players and couldn’t be replaced for 3.5m, Morrison certainly ain’t a defensive midfielder. We need to keep our best players and he is up there. I think him and Diarra can work very well together!

  • lewis says:

    DIAME IS 100 PERCENT BETTER THAN ANY OF THEM HES YOUNG, PACEY, STRONG AND BEST OF ALL SKILLFULL. scott parker : good in his day but is getting old and lost his touch and to add to that he ditched us. Gareth barry : same as Parker old and isn’t a player who i would be excited about. Sidwell : Not stong, not pacey and hasn’t flourished just lost his touch as time went on, started at arsenal and chelsea now look at him fulham he’s stepping backwards each year. Also Collison is great at West ham but doesnt play in diame’s position, he’s a winger while Diame likes the center where he can bulldose through the opposition no one can replace diame and you are right DAN . coyi !!!

  • The Cat says:

    Epic Fail!

    I’m not sure if we are all down playing it a little, but I reckon Diame is CRUCIAL to our season ahead and I’m not sure where we could look to replace him for 3.5M!…..
    Maybe from another planet I’ve never heard of!

  • spikeorourke says:

    Yeah he’s good. But will he get that clause taken out of his contract before we flog him? Someone will come in for him and we’ll lose him on the cheap. 8, 9, 10 mil, fair enough

  • Irons fan says:

    I though Diane was one of our best last year though a little bit hot and cold. When he was good he was outstanding better than all the other players you mentioned. Everyone mentions the Chelsea game. If he played like that every week he’d be worth 40 million of anyone’s money. We need to keep hold of our best players. Cliche but true and mo diame is one of them

  • wolfie says:

    He drifts in & out a bit so needs to put a full shift in but agree he would be a big loss to us.
    Parker can still do a job for us and if the fee was small enough I’d be prepared to forgive him for going to the Spuds.He kept us in the prem almost on his own long enough to have earned our for forgiveness and he’s too good for QPR

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