FIVE reasons I love West Ham

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1. Upton Park, It is our home. I’ve been going to West Ham for ten years and every time I walk up the Barking Road and past the Boleyn Pub, I get a great feeling of belonging. That sense of belonging as a supporter hasn’t died since my first visit. It will always feel special going to Upton Park and in the next few season’s we should treasure that feeling because it may not always be there.

2. Away Days. I firmly believe that we are in the best in England for bringing away fans to opposition grounds. We took 6,000 fans to Coventry last year, we filled a third of the ground against Peterborough United. We enticed more Leeds United fans to watch the league match than the cup-tie for Leeds at home against Manchester United. I challenge many more clubs in the country to have better average away attendances than us. I love the fact that at any away game for West Ham, you can hear Bubbles over the Home support.

3. History. We have a very rich history in our club, we are very proud of our history and what we have achieved in over 100 years. I’m young, so I never saw the days of 86, or when we were big in the 60’s, or saw the only Englishman to lift a World Cup, but I love the fact that we can be proud of our history and that it is one that is filled with success.

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4. Academy. Like most English fans, I hate the fact that the Premier League is filled with over rated foreign footballers, who are no better than some of our English counterparts. Players like David N’Gog, who is just an average striker that clubs will play instead of giving young English players a chance. So I love that we have a fantastic academy, which produces lots of quality English talent that is combating the vast amounts of foreign footballers. Also I loved that in the Champions League Final between Chelsea and Manchester United, there were many players who had come through the famous West Ham academy, players like Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard and Michael Carrick were all involved in that match that had come through our Academy.

5. Bubbles. Great teams have well recognised songs, Barcelona, Liverpool and West Ham. We all have in common the fact that before each game, we play our Anthem over the sound system and we all sing it in unison, I love bubbles because it is a song that symbolises us. We may not be the best but we will compete and give you full emotion and aggression and play the West Ham way, and that is all I want to see from West Ham.

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  • Stuart says:

    We have not produced much from the academy lately.

  • joe chetcuti says:

    I`m 56,and come from Malta and I`ve been supporting WH since the age of 9. My older brother lives in Norfolk nowadays but use to live in Bow then Hackney then moved to East Ham .As a young kid my first football kit was WH and from then on it was love at first sight. We had the ups and downs more downs but I don` regret it . I don`t go anywhere for holiday but UK and when I`m at Upton Park I feel at home honestly.The atmosphere is immense.

  • RastaBlaster says:

    I started supporting in 86′, been called a glory hunter ever since.

  • Dave the Happy Hammer says:

    I know how you feel rastablaster. Ive supported WHU since 1980!

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