All Over Before It Even Began?

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West Ham goalkeeperThere have been very obvious strange signings by all managers, at all clubs. However, none seem stranger than Stephen Henderson’s. This signing has dumbfounded me for some time, because despite the promise that was brought to the club by Henderson, we have rarely seen it come to fruition. Stephen may be on his way from the club, with not much to show for it.

I can understand the logic behind the signing, and the reasoning for the signing. It was only natural for Allardyce to look for a promising, young talented goalkeeper to stand behind Robert Green. Though, it seemed at the time of his signing that he would be the one to replace the departing Green at the end of the season. Nonetheless, the signing seemed strange just as he had joined the club. During West Ham United’s charge for promotion, Sam Allardyce was only allowed 5 substitutes. Although, Henderson rarely featured on the bench. He opted for the versatile Lansbury, who at one point had to prove his versatility.

I can also then understand that due to the lower than usual number of permitted substitutes, Allardyce would have wanted his strongest bench, and relinquishing a place to a substitute ‘keeper reduced the possibility of a strong bench. Yet, this move seems to have foreshadowed the motion of Henderson’s redundant nature. The policy of not fielding Henderson on the bench, even though it is for a practical nature has shown to be a defining moment in his time at West Ham United. Now, in the summer of 2013, it seems all to be at a conclusion. With the signing of Adrian and Jussi impressing last season, Henderson now seems to be third choice goalkeeper.

This is why Sam Allardyce and his transfer policy on goalkeepers have increasingly frustrated me. What was the point in bringing Henderson into the club? It is becoming apparent that Allardyce has either lost ‘interest’ with Henderson, or he never favoured him in the first place. Maybe, I am becoming frustrated with the recent times of West Ham United goalkeepers, and the lack of progression at the club. Robert Green was a good goalkeeper; understudy to him was Stech, Boffin and now Spiegel has been brought in to understudy Jaaskelainen. Henderson added to the understudy department. I wish that we had a goalkeeper lined up for the future to become the permanent number one at the club who we could have molded into a solid and consistent number one. I hope the signing of Adrian has been for that purpose, a keeper with a lot of talent and promise stepping up for West Ham United. Or else, in a years time, when the contract, and possibly the career of Jussi Jaaskelinen, has come to its conclusion and the club are looking, yet again, for another goalkeeper.

Stephen Henderson faces an ultimatum, for his career as a professional, and his career as a Hammer. In my opinion, his time at West Ham United doesn’t seem to show a lot of promise that it showed back in January of 2012. However, he could stay and fight for his place, and who knows, he could be the number one goalkeeper this time next year.

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  • sibbo says:

    fat sam is crap

  • Algy says:

    We only bought him to help keep Portsmouth afloat, so that they fold and we wouldnt lose 6points.

    • The Cat says:

      Good enough reason!

      Some clubs spend millions buying players to block other clubs.

      On a serious note, he didn’t cost us that much did he?
      We aren’t swimming (or fishing) in the same sea as citeh and chelski!

  • Ray_The_Hammer says:


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