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Tomas RepkaWe could all say Paolo Di Canio, Trevor Brooking or even the legend that is the late great, Bobby Moore and you’d be within your rights to pick out these Hammers. Though probably my favorite player, to wear a West Ham shirt that I’ve seen in my lifetime. is probably Tomas Repka.

It is brilliant when West Ham United have players who are gifted and very talented footballers that can lift the crowd and light up the pitch, though this is just talent and skill, but I love a West Ham player who is loyal and gives 100% every time they walk on the pitch for West Ham. Very few players these take honour in the club they play for and they at times see the club as just a pay cheque, but Tomas Repka was much more than this.

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The Czech Republic full back was signed by the club from Fiorentina for a club record fee of £5.5 million pounds in 2001, a record that stood until the club paid £6 million pounds for Dean Ashton in 2006. Tomas was a player who stood out, he worked hard for 90 minutes, never giving up a cause and he was the catalyst for a very good first year in England as the club finished in the top ten places.

His second year was less than memorable, part of the side that went down with still a record 42 points. Though it was his loyalty to the club that earned him great respect to the majority of West Ham fans. The club was in a perilous position, as they slipped into the Championship, the mercenary and those that wished to further their careers left the club and the team was looking at losing players that would have been valuable to help their promotion charge, though Tomas was determined to get the club to back where he saw it deserved to be, the Premier League. He was seen as a talisman after on the pitch he had an argument with the captain, Christian Dailly that spurred West Ham on to win a game from being 2 nil down. He stayed with the side for the full two years and helped the club achieve the goal it set itself to reach.

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Though it was only to be short-lived, Tomas wished to return to his homeland for family reasons and when he signed a contract with his next club, Sparta Prague, he made sure that he was allowed to play his final game for the club and it was a home match against Fulham. It was a home victory; Tomas left the pitch in tears with chants of ‘Super Tomas Repka’ coming from every direction of the Boleyn. It’s hard not to be romantic about the career of Tomas Repka at West Ham United Football Club. Loyal, hard working and a very talented defender, any West Ham fan that watched Tomas would agree he was a cult icon during his time with the club.

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  • Paul Brown says:

    5M was way over what the useless defender was worth.He was a liability to his fellow players and it was obvious from game one he was out of his depth.Great day when he left the club.

  • Paul Young says:

    Repka = liability – might of put is all into it, but it just wasn’t good enough! Julian Dicks all the way!!

  • Dazza p says:

    Repka legend

    • the hammer says:

      what a legend are you simple mate all he did was run round and kick people

  • the hammer says:

    probably one of the worst carthorse defenders ive ever seen in the 34 years ive supported westham a man who could booked in an empty room totally hopeless if you think this clown could walk side by side with billy bonds alan devonshire julian dicks and tony cottee then you are on drugs!

  • Dtm says:

    A total waste of space. Gave away stupid free kicks in dangerous position, poor defender who regularly got booked or sent off.
    Take off your rose tinted glasses and write about a legend…..
    Idiotic article

  • Rob D says:

    100% effort, more than a lot have shown. Some West Ham fans are clueless twats!

  • Hammer says:

    Was completely toilet it was down to him and dailly why we went down

  • mark says:

    What planet are you on?, he was useless, how many times did he get sent off and cost us the game?

  • Adam Cooper says:

    I actually think on he’s day he was decent..but he was mad as a box of frogs and a definate liability

  • david spellbound says:

    tried hard. but massive liability. poor in almost every aspect. him and Dailly as bad as it gets.

    tried hard

    Legend. Funny….

  • ben true hammer 4 life says:

    Stayed by us to fight to get outta championship not many players have that loyalty no more deserves more respect

  • e says:

    yes i believe repka gave his all for us and was liked by all our fans for his 100 per cent performances i remember his last game for us we were all chanting his name all match in the second half as soon as he ran towards the bobby moore stand the noise was deafening as they sang his name to a standing ovation it put a lump in my throat knowing that we was losing such a great player he loved our club as much as us he put the shirt on to play to football not to improve the bank balance which in todays game there seems too many players just looking for the big pay cheques and dont have any loyalties to the clubs they play for or the fans that watch them

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