A Few Observations On Recent West Ham Events


Olympic stadiumFirstly the acquisition of the Olympic Stadium is a magnificent coup for the club. We all love and will miss the Boleyn Ground; it will always be the club’s spiritual home…but if we want to progress and close the gap on the other London clubs then this a move we surely needed to make. Arsenal already have a 60K stadium, Spurs have plans to move into one, Chelsea are bankrolled by a multi billionaire; how can we close that gap staying at Upton Park?


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At the Olympic Stadium the added revenue brought in by another 19,000 fans not to mention sponsorship and dare I say corporate hospitality will enable us to spend more money on transfer fees and wages; thus allowing us to compete in the upper echelons of English football and isn’t that what we all want? West Ham United to become bigger and better.

Secondly Sam Allardyce’s position…with the Olympic Stadium in the bag surely we must stick with Sam until the day we move in at the very least? The most important objective now that the stadium is ours is to move in as a Premier League club; I feel Sam can guarantee this, where as if we plumped for a new manager could we be so sure? I mean yes if you could lure a Jurgen Klopp for example… but realistically our managerial targets should we dispense of Sam’s services won’t be nearly so lofty. Is it worth the risk at such a crucial period in our history?

Lastly Barry Hearn…in my humble opinion his actions during this whole ordeal have been a disgrace; ridiculing, undermining and deriding our bid at every turn and then when it seemed he was losing the battle he desperately wanted to switch sides and join us. The goodwill held by many Hammers fans towards Leyton Orient I suspect has been replaced by an indifference to their plight and that’s all down to him.

West Ham United moving to Stratford is not the end of something but the start, we’ll never forget Upton Park, it will always be home; but this move will give us a genuine opportunity to compete, this opportunity simply never would’ve come around again.


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  • dazza says:

    YES its time goodbye upton park we will never forget you

  • Ian Walker says:

    if sam is the manager up to the day we move in as you put it, we will be struggling to find 20,000 supporters willing to put up with his negative tripe let alone 54,000. we need to attract more fans not bore the existing fanbase away from the club

  • levs says:


  • Phil the iron says:

    Thank you for a very well thought out piece that was not only sensible but just spot on in each of the three main points made! Love Upton Park but time to move on! OS just too good an opportunity to miss! Increased revenue desperately needed for us to compete and pay off the millstone of debt left by the egg! As for Big Sam, well he is a safe pair of hands and a rock of certainty and stability as we charter our way through the rough waters untill we reach the safety of the OS! As for old saggy chops and di-canio? You’re having a laugh! Disaster!

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