What Will West Ham Do Without Mohamed Diame?


DiameThere has been constant speculation surrounding Mohamed Diame and his future at West Ham since day one of the January transfer window, which must be tiring for West Ham as a club and the fans alike. So I ask myself is Diame that important to West Ham and what will happen to the club if Diame is to leave in the summer?



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So the first question is, how important is Diame to West Ham? The fact of the matter is Diame has been outstanding for West Ham so far this season and the fact results haven’t been going our way since he has been out with an injury and I think that this speaks volumes, or is it due to the lack of depth to the current West Ham squad? With Jack Collison and Ricardo Vaz Te all coming back from injury and Joe Cole signing for West Ham this has helped fill the void left by Diame.



With Diame back from injury and the squad starting to rid itself of its early season injury crisis the midfield is now looking stronger. To me as a West Ham fan I rate Diame highly and he was quickly becoming a West Ham favourite within his first season. I would have to say yes at this current moment in time Diame is important to West Ham’s first team and to lose him would have a detrimental effect on the current squad.



However, West Ham as a club are not strangers to losing highly rated players and when, and if Diame leaves, West Ham will cope and will continue. There is no player bigger than West Ham and there never will be, players will come and go as they always have. It would be a real shame if he were to leave West Ham but I am sure that Sam Allardyce, David Gold and David Sullivan have got something in the pipeline if that were to happen and West Ham fans have to trust the clubs management even if fans don’t agree with the decisions that are being made at the time. So my answer to what will happen if Diame leaves is that West Ham will continue as they always have done, fans will get over it and there will be a new hero for the fans to chant about and idolise.



I think the most frustrating part of this saga is the fact it has continued all through the January transfer window. There have been rumours linking Diame with other clubs such as Arsenal, QPR and Aston Villa. The fact that Diame’s agent is a close personal friend of current QPR manager Harry Redknapp has been a constant frustration to Hammer fans and the rumours emerging on the last day of the January transfer window that Diame’s agent has told him to hand in a transfer request – whether this is true or not it is tainting Mohamed Diame’s time as a West Ham player.



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The fact Diame came out and said that he doesn’t want to leave West Ham and he is happy at the club and happy playing for the team should put an end to the speculation, but still the new contract offered to Diame remains unsigned which makes me feel that even though he hasn’t left in the January transfer window he is more than likely leaving in the summer.



My time as a West Ham fan has seen many comings and goings from top players, this is no different. I hope Diame sees the light and sees that he is good for West Ham and that West Ham are good for him and his career. But the fact still remains that players want to play for top clubs and if Arsenal can offer him Champions League football who are we to stop him going if it’s progression for him? But if he moves to a team such as Aston Villa or QPR the move is powered by money and that is the sad side to football that it drives players to leave their current clubs. This is where players have to have the right kind of management team and unfortunately I fear Diame has the wrong kind.



Whatever happens Diame is an extremely talented player and a player I will always admire whether it’s in a West Ham shirt or not.



Carl Bateson


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  • essex iron says:

    if we do end up selling him …just make sure we buy Capoue from Toulouse…(same place where sissoko of newcastle came from) he will cost a bit more but will be worth every penny !
    Trust in the Essex Iron lol


  • southiron says:

    I think Diame is a good player but i would not say great .(sorry) He sometimes lets the game pass him bye ,like he did for about 30 mins against qpr and yesterday against swansea. I would like to see j cole in his position or collinson, sorry but but i think nobody is bigger than west ham ,and if he does not want to stay then its good bye. Same with the players that walked out on us when we went down last time . Lets hope he stays but if not then we move on .Either sign a contract by the end of may or sell him, so we can get a replacement . I t will cost more but come on who was not worried that a last hour bid for him last week would come in? we would have no time for any kind of replacement, kinda feel lets sell him on our terms . I know some of you might think im wrong for writing this but its the truth and we all know it. Nobody should think they are bigger than West Ham !!! coyi

  • The Cat says:

    The eternal saying is no different in our case as it is in most clubs around the world, from the Biggest to the smallest….
    No Player is Bigger than the club!

    Diame is a good player but it comes across as he is not 100% committed to the club, although he has been proffesional in his application to the cause. I have seen good players come and go and the days of total and believable player loyalty to clubs is long gone. It’s ALL about money these days!
    Parker was the same he wanted out and we moved on without him and him leaving benifitted us because we got rid of a player who wasn’t 100% comitted to the cause.
    As southiron said lets sell him on our terms and start doing our homework right now so his replacement is better than him and the move seamless in the summer!

  • cgreener1 says:

    He hasn’t signed a contract because it been withdrawn quite rightly by the owner’s.
    If he is not commited then use him to stay up this season and replace him in the summer.
    Use the rest of the season to line up a new replacement.
    Get the feeling that this will all blow up in Diames face.
    If he was that wanted by other clubs they would havettriggered his release clause.

  • Jamie Ryan says:

    what-will-west-ham-do-without-mohamed-diame. ???????
    Buy someone else.

  • frankiehammer says:

    I agree with the other comments so far, inasmuch that if Diame isn’t 100% committed then we have to say ‘byebye sunshine, bin nice knowing ya’.

    If he wants to polish the bench every other game at one of the top clubs then let him. But sell him under our terms.

  • Spence55 says:

    Lets not get too carried away with Diame and his worth to West Ham. He is effective in a limited sort of way, and for an hour or so. His stamina is suspect, and he drifts out of games at around the 70 minute mark. His biggest failing for me however is not releasing the ball at the right time, having an annoying tendancy to run into trouble and lose possession, often in dangerous areas. Once he has won the ball and powered away into space, he then needs to lift his head and pick the pass. This is a player who was in and out at Wigan through inconsistency dont forget. I think he could get better with the right coaching, but to me he is a powerhouse that needs refining. We also need to realise that he will be off in the Summer without a doubt, so by all means make good use of him whilst he is here, but diont build a team around him and keep on the lookout for his replacement…because we will need one !!

  • Spence says:

    Anyone see Diame today against Villa….cos I didnt. Useless – in the Nolan and Vaz Te mould. A totally overated player whos been with us 10 minutes then get awarded hero status !!!

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