Why West Ham fans must get behind the OS


Since David Gold and David Sullivan took over West Ham United, there has been one major split amongst the fans on one subject….should we move to the Olympic Stadium in Stratford? The Chairmen said this one of their aims upon the successful takeover of West Ham United, and with the news recently that West Ham United will be preferred bidders, means they are closer than ever to reaching their goal.


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I would like to point out, that whilst I want to Olympic Stadium for a variety of different reasons, I still love Upton Park (or the Boleyn Ground to some!), and that won’t change. All of our treasured West Ham memories are at this ground. Upton Park has seen a number of star players take to the turf wearing the Claret and Blue, and we have seen some of the best (and worst matches) of English Football history there.


However, for me, the ground has not been the same since we built the new West Stand (now the Alpari, was the Dr Martens). The club has been run poorly, since the sale of Rio Ferdinand and the money being used to build the stand I mentioned, we have had one disaster after another. The atmosphere, on it’s day, is as good as any in the country – but it’s no where as good as when the old West Stand was there, and we were all sat on top of the pitch, close enough to be able to touch the players. Building that stand moved the East Stand further away too – the Chicken Run is known as one of the toughest stands to play in front of, where even the best left backs in the world struggled to perform, but now, it’s too far from the pitch.


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So for me, a move is long overdue, and I think West Ham fans who oppose it should wait for the plans to be released before passing judgement. Can you imagine, a brand new stadium, 60,000 West Ham supporters singing “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” as the teams come out. The Olympic Stadium brings a whole new world of opportunity. The new stadium will bring in a new image for the club, tourists will come to the ground and buy merchandise, simply because we are connected to the stadium. The eyes of the world would be on us, which will lead to more publicity and sales of merchandise abroad too. The potential is there to make West Ham into a global brand. A move to the stadium will also lead to investment into the club. Can you imagine being able to bid for World Class players every transfer window, playing in the Champions League, challenging at the top of the table…..


Finally, the travel links to the stadium are incredible – no more rammed tube lines, no more trying to park around the ground. And for me, living in Essex, just one train to the ground!!


So I will happily take my memories from the Boleyn Ground, and take them with me on a new adventure to the Olympic Stadium.


By ChelmoHammer

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