A West Ham Christmas song


Upton Park, are you listening,

Diarra’s here for his home christening,

A beautiful sight,

We’re happy tonight.

Walking in a West Ham wonderland.



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Gone away is the Avram,

Here to stay is Big Fat Sam,

Taken us to top ten,

We’re happy again,

Walking in a West Ham wonderland.



In the summer we got a new boy, Mo Mo,

He’s one of the best in all of London town,


We’ll say: are you going?

He’ll say: No no,

But Vaz can do the job

If I leave town town.


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Later on, we’ll beat Reading,

To Europe, we’ll be heading,

Got the Olympic stade,

The future we’ve made,

Walking in a West Ham wonderland.



On the pitch Tonks can build a snowman,

While Jussi makes sure we won’t go 1-0 down,

And running through the midfield will be Nolan,

Looking for Carroll’s hair so brown.



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When Cole plays, ain’t it thrilling,

Other clubs, he’ll be killing,

We’re living the dream, I can’t help but beam,

Walking in a West Ham wonderland.


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  • John smith says:

    Oh Dear!!
    You really are the reason this sight is losing so many readers. Every time I see your name I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help but look what tripe you’ve written now.Please stop posting!

  • Geoff says:


  • kat says:

    Here’s a thought, next time you see my name don’t bother clicking on it? 🙂

    • John smith says:

      As I said I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. Don’t worry I won’t bother in future.
      Your views are worthless as you rarely get to a game. Merry Christmas!!

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