Lasagna, Carlton and much more


Tottenham Hotspur host the mighty West Ham at White Hart Lane on Sunday 25th November (4pm ko). A win for both would be crucial and would add to both teams’ pursuit of a top 10 finish come May.



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This will be the 240th meeting between the two clubs. Overall, Tottenham Hotspur have won 98 games, West Ham United have won 81 games and the remaining 60 games have been drawn.



To date, there have been 32 matches played in the Premier League with Spurs winning 15, West Ham winning 10 and 7 matches drawn.



Here are some of the more memorable matches over the last few years.



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Lasagna-gate – In the last Premier League fixture of the 2005-6 season, goals from Yossi Benayoun and Carl Fletcher with help from a dodgy lasagna gave 3 points to West Ham and meant Totthenham would be missing out on the next year’s Champion’s League campaign



Carlton scores, then sets up Jermain! – In our second match of the 2009-10 season Carlton scores a spectacular 22 yard strike to put us ahead. He then sets up Jermain Defoe which a comically bad back pass to level the match. Lennon then beats Spector to win the match for Tottenham.



Resolute defending at the Lane – An unseasonably hot day in March 2011 sees West Ham to travel to North London sitting just above the relegation zone with Tottenham still eyeing the Champions League. A great defensive display stops Luka Modric and co with the end result a no score draw.



Picquionne scores? – In September 2011, a great display from Rob Green and the attacks from Frederic Piquionne and Victor Obinna that pull Tottenham’s back four apart and help West Ham record first victory of the season. The Frenchman’s goal in 29th minutes separates the two sides.


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  • DJ says:

    ‘A win for both would be crucial and would add to both teams’ pursuit of a top 10 finish come May’.

    Lol thats hilarious and seriously deluded. West hams aim at the start of the season would of been to stay in the division and then build on that. Where as Tottenhams aim was to finish in the top 4(again).

    That statement makes it look like you believe the clubs are on a par but in reality they are worlds apart.

    You are doing well this season and have surprised a few people but its just 12 games in, long way to go yet.

  • Jimmy MysterY says:

    I don’t think it’s deluded DJ. As a neutral I agree with Tim. There doesn’t seem to be much difference between the two clubs. Plus what should Spurs aim for then? After getting rid of Modric and VDV the best they can do is 8th probably. Typical Spurs fan.

  • Tony Benn says:

    Haha. Classic Spud. Why don’t you think we’re on the footing? Mug

  • DJ says:

    You re the mug m8. You think a team that has consistently finished in the top 4 or 5 in the last 8-9 years, barring a couple of seasons is on equal footing to a team that was in the championship last season and has never finished in the top 5 of the prem? That makes no sense, think about what your writing.

    We all love our clubs but dont try to make out west ham are as big as any top 6 club. You ve done well to get back into the prem but you ve got to be doin it consistently, which west ham dont. Thats not havin a dig thats just the facts.

    Does that answer your question Tony?

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