Date: 16th November 2012 at 7:35pm
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West Ham United’s win over Newcastle United on Sunday meant we have made our best ever start to a Premier League campaign with 18 points from 11 games. For me this is all down to the shrewdness and tactical nous of Big Sam Allardyce.

The former Bolton Wanderers, Newcastle and Blackburn Rovers boss has got the Hammers faithful smiling again and after a rocky start to his managerial career at West Ham he has firmly won over his early critics.

A forum on fittingly named “Big Sam. Do you love him yet?” shows how far Big Sam has come since he started one Hammer said “Stability and pragmatism are the hallmarks of Sam’s work at West Ham and after god knows how many years of the complete opposite, I’m thoroughly enjoying it. When we went one up yesterday, I actually felt confident we’d hold on to the lead, even get another goal. I can’t remember having that sort of confidence with any other West Ham manager.”

I agree with “Liberos” point entirely Big Sam has improved us dramatically both defensively and in attacking areas, the club has an air of confidence about it that I’ve personally never seen in my life. Like Libero said the club has stability that has been missing for so long, and for me with consistency comes stability.


Big Sam has built a team ready for a Premier league battle, last season he bought in a new captain for our club and one of the best goal scoring midfielders of the modern generation, Kevin Nolan. After a year in the Championship he created a memory that will last a lifetime a win at Wembley, that moment there was the moment he became the man I wanted to be in charge of my club for years to come.


A stout determined man from Dudley, a hard hitting defender in his past he know his style of play and his tactics like the back of his hand. People who tag him as long ball are naïve. He is so much more than that, he sets his side up prepared and ready to go for every different opponent. Against City was a prime example, every West Ham fan and player alike knew possession wise we were always going to get battered but the way we set up suggested Big Sam knew that. Play on the break try and steal that early goal, and see what happens, it was one of the best defensive displays I’ve seen and it typified the ‘never say die’ attitude that Big Sam has created.  And for the record if it wasn’t for an iffy offside decision we’d have been on 21 points right now not 18 I’m convinced of it.

So back to my original point, do we love him yet? Well love is a strong word, I’ve always back Big Sam, he is man who you can be reassured will set up a team that will fight for the team, he brings in players he know and players he knows can play well within his style. His attitude to the game is second to none and he is slowly turning into a West Ham legend. I’ve seen people say he is the best manager since Johnny Lyall and that is kind words indeed and sums up just how far he has come.

Besides even if it is early doors we are sixth in the league how can we possibly complain. Surely it is time to change that chant from “We are West Ham’s Claret and Blue army” to “We are Big Sam’s Claret and Blue army”.

Come on you Irons!

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