Date: 14th November 2012 at 6:37pm
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Everybody has dreams, but when they appear to start taking place would you keep dreaming leaving yourself open to being let down by it failing? Or would you keep your feet on the ground and keep your targets more realistic? I for one cannot decide which one I should do over the dream I share with many people right now, if things keep going the way they are I can see the dream becoming far greater than I could have ever imagined but, going by past it won’t be as great as it possibly should be.



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What I’m talking about is the bubble of hope growing deep within every Hammer in the world that we could finish in the top half of a table or maybe ever higher? Europe right now seems like a strong possibility, Europe! It’s all too hard to not get excited and dream about playing some of the best in Europe next season when we are playing this well, our first team are dominating games and even when we have injuries to some “key” players the players who replace them are playing even better, even our development squad players coming onto the bench are impressing. “They fly so high, nearly reach the sky, and like my dreams, they fade and die..” echoes around Upton Park bringing goose bumps up all over, but is the fate of our season yet again buried inside the club through its own anthem? Is all this excitement the usual high before the low us Hammers have dealt with time after time?



Let’s take a step back and have a look at it quickly, Big Sam has proven with Bolton Wanderers he can bring a team up from the second tier and make them a decent team in Europe, the depth in the squad as well as the quality has proven it’s up to the task, we still have the transfer window to further strengthen our team with the rumors flying about that Nicolas Anelka will be rejoining Big Sam at West Ham in January with no doubt a list of huge stars already written down in his shortlist and with lady luck on our side I think we have a good case to have a few dreams here and there about a top half finish or higher, although I do believe it is vital we keep our expectations on mid-table, after all we are ultimately fighting to stay in this league to build onto for next season but as always, it can’t hurt to dream a little right?


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All I can say is i hope the players and staff keep giving 120% every game like they are doing right now because they will go down as a big part of this clubs already huge history if they manage to finish in the top half or higher! I would love to hear from others what they would like to see happen this season, end of the season position, players to bring into the club in January and so on, so please comment or message me on twitter under “@peaceeztha1” and let the banter begin.


A quick note I’m feeling a 2-0 win over Stoke City on Monday, anybody else want to throw their predictions out there?




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