Reiding between the lines


Well I think it’s safe to say that when James Collins made his sojourn back to the Boleyn we all felt that he would naturally partner the jewel of our academy…James Tomkins.

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However thanks to Stuart Pearce’s bizarre decision to barely play Tonks in the GB team that partook in the Olympics; he lacked the match fitness and sharpness to start the season…in his place is a man who turned down the opportunity of representing his country in those same games…Winston Reid.

Now whilst I’d never have a pop at Tonks for representing team GB ; Reid put club before country and is now reaping the rewards; as he and James Collins have now formed a defensive partnership that has seen us keep three clean sheets in our opening 4 games.

There was a common consensus both by journalists and some fans that Reid just wouldn’t be able to cut it in the big league, and whilst we’re only a few games in I must say he’s already in the process of confounding those who dismissed him as nothing more than Championship player.


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A strong and imposing figure both on the deck and in the air, who also pops up with the odd goal. Seem to remember one against Millwall last season) I honestly believe a campaign in the Championship battled hardened him, the endless crosses, avalanche of long balls, the uncompromising, old fashioned and bruising centre forwards he faced on a regular basis have made a man out of him; and we’re now reaping the rewards.

At the start of the season the question was very much who partners Tomkins? Well now its most definitely who slots in alongside Reid?

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  • The Cat says:

    It has always irritated me how many of our “Own” regularly matter of factly write off many of our players and it is only when they leave, do they realise how good they are. Winston Reid IMHO always had the talent, fitness levels and desire but what he lacked was competitive “first team” game time in British football (which he got in the Championship).
    I still remember fans and press alike writing off Drogba after a few months into his contract at Chelsea??? Proves some simply haven’t got an eye for ability or an understanding of bedding in time and are too keen to write players off!

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