The Hammers should take a leaf out of the Magpies book?


So rumour has it we’re going to go back in for Matt Jarvis this week…it’s easy to see we lack pace and width down that left hand side (despite the fine job Matt Taylor did in the win over Villa) but are we really going to cave in and pay the 10 million Wolves want?

I for one hope we don’t. Jarvis would be a fine addition to our squad but really what on earth has he done to justify such a hefty price tag?

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This automatic inflation of English players is rather ridiculous. Look at Liverpool for example; who’ve spent a grand total of around 75 million on Downing, Henderson and Carroll! Anyone out there reckon they’re worth that much? Anyone out there reckon Liverpool will make any profit on those signings?


Obviously we’re desperate to get players in, the recent admission from Big Sam that we’ve failed with 95% of our targets this summer only serves to further ramp our levels of desperation until the 31st of August arrives; but instead of following Liverpool’s lead I wish we’d follow Newcastle’s.

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Their excellent chief scout Graham Carr scours Europe finding bargains which prove to be not only cheaper than their English counter-parts but a damn sight better. Look at all the money Wolves want for Steven Fletcher…Papiss Cisse for example went for less than what they’re asking for and can you even begin to compare the two?

I sincerely hope we’ve got scouts out there on the continent looking at other options because as the Magpies have proved there are better deals out there if you know where to look.

Matt Jarvis 10 million? Really? I don’t think so.

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  • StaffsToon says:

    Firstly, good luck to the Hammers, great to have you back!!
    As a Newcastle fan, at first, i viewed what we were doing in the market with mixed emotions. It can be difficult to see your club walk away from a good player for whatever sum of money the difference in valuation is.

    However, we have learned that there are always options if you have a good scouting set-up. We are in the strange position of trusting the management to look after the most important things – llong tern viability of the club to survive financially as well as compete on the field.

    I agree whole-heartedly with the sentiment of the article. Our latest signing, Anita, will go on to prove further there is quality for good value out there.

  • centrallinedan says:

    I understand your point but for every Papiss Cisse ‘bargain buys’ you have at least 10 Pablo Barrera’s…of the imported talent. I would rather spend the money (although i agree £10m is overpriced) In our situation I believe we need to add a proven quality left winger and Jarvis fits the bill…so unfortunately we have to stump up (just this once) COYI’s!

  • Andy B says:

    I echo the other post, great to see the Hammers back in the Prem League – I only hope that Big Sam can curb his impatience and resist paying way over the odds for players with “prem experience” – it’s the 1st season back up so the cliche of just trying to survive is absolutely true, the last thing the Hammers need is to be bankrupting themselves on a couple of supposed impact players.

    I do fear that Sam, although he has managed to dig out some great finds when he was back at Bolton, won’t feel he has the luxury of time to get it right now – Jarvis for £10M is exactly the example I mean. You need to hope that Nolan & the other senior pro’s stay fit and help blood the younger squad members

    Looking forward to playing you soon, should be interesting 🙂

  • john davies says:

    thats the price! if you don’t want to pay it then you know what the second word is!why he would want to go to you beggers belief! I doubt if west arrrrrm have anything near as good has Matt,maybe if you sell a few more porn films you might be able to afford him.

  • Wolfinblack says:

    West Ham still owe £10m to Sheff Utd over Tevez!!
    How can they be trusted to pay up with installments? They are just selling season tickets for yet another relegation struggle.
    West Ham can’t afford him end of!!

  • JMan43 says:

    You know John, idiots like you with nothing other than insults to throw around is why football is a game in crisis, morally. Shut up if you cannot write with respect. No-one has had a go at Wolves, no-one has insulted Jarvis, it is just an opinion that the fee is too high for what we would be getting and let’s face it buying players here has everyone having to pay well over the odds, so if we can do a Cisse why not and let Wolves keep one of their stars to help them get back in to the PL.

  • MillyWolves says:

    Agreed JMan43. John Davies im a Wolves fan and you are an idiot.

  • JCxWHU says:

    Wolves are still butthurt from being relegated. Everyone knows that Jarvis isn’t worth 10 million, I still think 5 is still overpriced but there are other options that we should be looking at. There’s nothing wrong with looking in the European market and we have Razak Boukari on trial and he has impressed BFS so let’s hope we sign him up in the next couple of days.

  • Harry says:

    John how old are you? It’s fans like you that make the rest of us appear immature by association. It’s no wonder that even a Wolves fan has posted on here to criticise you. Silly, over emotional child.

  • dan whu says:

    lol john u sound like a proper plonka! we’re in the premiership thats why probably any player in your squad would rather come to us than be in the championship next season. anyhow id love to see whu sign someone far better for less than half the price rather than give wolves ten mil for a player that is not even worth 5. i think u need to get with reality and realise that he really is not worth that much. for god sake adam johnsons up for the same price and he’s ten times better than jarvis (and he’s english and an established PL player!) or do u honestly think jarvis is worth as much as johnson? i dont think so. wind your neck in john its not WHU fault u were relegated, its the players your club are overpricing’s fault. ur team should do what we did and let the players who dont wanna be there leave and get some new players in that do wanna be there, out with the old in with the new as they say! there’s no point keeping unhappy players

  • Aidan Dunphy says:

    Good article, totally agree, and with the other NUFC posters. We NUFC fans took quite a while to be painfully weaned off the excitement/folly of spending £mega on trophy signings. Graham Carr and the other back-room staff @ NUFC have shown up some of the bigger clubs and given the lie to the idea that you need to invest in “proven Premiership class” (=overpriced kneejerk choices). Hopefully the days of clubs lashing out stupid fees (much of which ends up in the pockets of agents) are coming to an end, and the game will become more based on skill and judgement once again.

  • Kwame says:

    Cheers to the Toon fans for your input.
    Newcastle are showing that if you know where to look you can find cheaper and more talented players.
    West Ham need to adopt this approach; in fact all teams need to, when you look at the leaps Newcastle have made; its clearly the way forward.

  • ShabillaToon says:

    I’m a Toon fan and have totally adopted this ‘new’ approach – we’re being linked with Adam Johnson and he’s a great player but i would bet that Carr could name you 3 players in France Germany or Holland that would be better and cheaper – the risk is they are not premiership proven. But Carr watches these players for literally years (he first started watching Cisse when he played for Metz 4 years ago) and Cabaye 3 years ago. Its a slow process but it is sustainable – look at the re-sale value now of Cabaye (we would only sell him to a TOP club like Man U/Barca for silly money and he cost £4.5m – the same with Tiote who cost £4m).The price for Fletcher is ridiculas and its amazing that Sunderland still want him. £20m for Carroll is still horrendous, but teams are entitled to ask what they think they need

  • Dennis says:

    Time will tell it seems that all of your comments are wrong because it is fact now west ham have signed Jarvis so the club think he worth the money 10 million deferred terms west ham can hardly afford it but they need to buy this class of player it seems after the first two results they need even more to avoid relegation again
    I expect west ham will struggle even with matt Jarvis on the wing because defence wise they are poor anyway much like wolves defence last year
    It is not always too clever to run any team that struggles in the top division someone has to finish in bottom three its a tough league after all

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