Should he stay or should he go?


I think we were all surprised when Rob Green left us to chase the pound notes on offer from Queen Park Rangers’, Tony Fernandes that we went for Jussi Jaaskelainen to replace him.

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Being 37 Jussi was only ever going to be a stop gap. What was perhaps even more shocking was that we all felt that another of Sam’s ex-stalwarts would be making his way down Green St. in the shape of Paul Robinson; just about the only Blackburn Rovers player to emerge with any credit from their comical relegation had of course worked with Sam during his time at the Venky’s HQ and at the age of 32 could’ve become West Ham’s new no. 1 for many years to come; thus allowing the highly rated yet very raw Stephen Henderson the necessary time to develop.

Instead Sam put his faith in Jussi…and after Saturday’s gift to the men of Swansea that decision is now under scrutiny.

So after such a horrendous error is it time for Sam to give Henderson his chance ahead of schedule? Or does he alternatively now head into the market?

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Though I don’t think any of us were that comfortable with the idea of Jussi replacing Greeny; he’s got the gloves now and I think he needs to be given the chance to earn his redemption. If Sam were to drop Jussi he may well be finished (no pun intended) at West Ham and with the purse strings as tight as they are; in my humble opinion a proven goal-getter has got to be the priority before Friday’s deadline and young Hendo simply isn’t ready to be thrust into first team action week in week out.

It was always a risky strategy to make a 37 year old our number 1, replacing the iconic and talismanic Robert Green; but Sam made his decision and now he has to stick with it.

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  • Chris says:

    Jussi has great experience and is a good keeper, west ham have had some great young keepers but always let them go before the develop and take the no1 shirt. I think Henderson should be our no1 with jussi giving us great back up and passing on his knowledge, I believed this even before Saturdays display. Look at cassilas he is still reasonably young but has been established for what seems like forever.
    Remember jussi has made 1 mistake lets not give up on him yet!

  • Blimey says:

    Too early to panic, Jussi Jaaskelainen had one bad game, he’s proved his value to Bolton over the years and I bet he made a mistake or two in that time?

  • John pantsil's pants says:

    Great knee jerk reaction here! Typical!

  • jaybs says:

    Jussi Jaaskelainen played 18 games last season. does that not answer a question, I always looked at Jussi as back up, Henderson should be given the opportunity to prove he is first team goalkeeper, getting splinters on the bench will never develop him!

    It’s sad on some boards Big Sam must never be questioned, I’m not totally convinced with his experienced signings, just because they were good in the past does not guarantee the future. More so I worry when we will not have one local player in the team, to think the great young players we produced as an Academy! someone give them a chance. Surprised me today how many would be happy to see Mark Noble leave, what is it that we produce good young players but sell them?

  • Nr9 iron says:

    Big mistake not going for Robinson IMO.

  • wes c says:

    One game means nothing , give him a chance and if he dosent take it put Henderson in , he must be chomping at the bit . If he dosent take it then sort it out in January !!!

  • Spence says:

    Dont panic. Hes a good keeper and 37 isnt unusual for a modern day goalie. EVERY keeper will make a mistake or two, even the very best. I think Rob Greem made a lousy decision to join QPR as he was well liked at Upton park, but these things happen and you need to move on. Im confident Jussi will prove a decent buy !

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