Mohsni a no go?


have had a bid rejected for previous player Bilel Mohsni, who trained with the club with a view to a deal taking him to Upton Park from Southend United.

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But, why were we bidding for him?! He didn’t look great in pre-season by all accounts, and I’m not sure a League 2 would cut it straight away with a jump to the League anyway.

Apparently Sam Allardyce thought he was worth a punt, and bid around £150,000 for the come winger come striker.

Southend have rejected bids for £250,000 for him in recent months, so I’m not sure why the club thought such a low offer would be seriously considered.

The 25 year old versatile player only has 12 months left on his with Southend, with them reluctant to see him go, and him being reluctant to stay with the Shrimpers.


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I wouldn’t see it as a big loss to the club if we don’t manage to snap him up, but he may be worth a punt at a low price as a fringe/cover player.

I must say, I’m starting to panic a bit with who we seem to be targeting in this window, and how much cover we still need to get before the start of the season.

Apart from our failed bid for Liverpool’s, Andy I can’t think of anyone that we’ve shown interest in that has given me reassurance about next season.

What do you think of who we’ve been interested in so far? Would Mohsni be a welcome addition to the squad? Tweet me to let me know at @alwaysintune.

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  • Saboteur says:

    Can’t say I’m bothered we had a bid rejected, he looked very poor in the time on trial, Sam must have seen something, maybe it’s the fact he doubles up as a defender and a striker, who knows!

  • peter s says:

    Maybe we can Cole into a striker come defender!!!!

  • Chris Harris says:

    I’m not too fussed if we don’t sign him, according to comments apparently made by the Southend manager he can be a bit of a liability and is no stranger to a red card or two.

  • john says:

    He is crap, my southend mate reckons signing him would be a sackable offense and that he would struggle in the championship. Please lets hope another bid does not go in

  • sibbo says:

    now we r going to sign saha what is up with the irons the mans past it cripples and pensioners thats all were going after rather keep baldock get rid of fat sam fetch harry back.

  • JMan43 says:

    sibbo, the issue isn’t Sam, it’s our chairmen. They made it clear after the play-off final that targets were already identified and they would be getting business done early to give Sam as much time as possible to prepare for the new season. Well here we are 3 weeks and just about 2 days until the window closes and we are well short of a team that won’t find itself in a desperate relegation battle this season and it is our chairmen who seem hell bent on continuing with the policy they followed at Birmingham. We need another CB, a RB, a LB, a pacey wide player and a striker who can score more than 10 goals in a PL season. Worried, too damn right I am, gone from the euphoria of the play-off final to disbelief at the actions of our chairmen.

  • ross says:

    Iam glad at last this blog understands how bad and how hard this market has been, we are in trouble cuz from were iam standing we have a weaker team than last year,i also dont get the sammy thing he scores goals,he is the best natural finisher i have seen since defoe,need to take a long hard look at our selfs and will be the first one to hold my hands up if iam wrong

  • I suppose we would get him – realise he needs more experience – and to wind him up, send him to Birmingham for a season.

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