Allardyce admits Carroll deal is dead


Sam Allardyce has finally admitted that the Hammers will not beable to get their (eventual) £17 million man Liverpool’s. Andy Carroll, despite attempting to capture his services.

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Even though Carroll looks surplus to new Liverpool manager Brendan Rodger’s requirements, West Ham are not in the running to bring him to Upton Park.

Allardyce was quoted by The People as saying: “I would have probably stuck my neck out and said we would almost certainly stay up withhim on board.”



“We wouldn’t have thought we would have had any chanceof signing a player of Andy Carroll’s capabilities but it became clear a coupleof weeks ago there was a possibility of a loan.

“Unfortunately, at this moment, it’s not the case.”

Also, I feel like Allardyce was a bit odd in his comments,as he seems rather resigned to a poor campaign from the Hammers due to them notbeing able to capture the Geordie striker. I don’t know though, I’m a girl – welike to read a lot into things!

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At least we can still entertain ourselves with the Tevez rumours that always crop up at this time of year, eh?!

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