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I’m not an expert on the finances of professional football clubs, far from it. In my opinion it’s an area that is best suited to right hand men (or women) of Lord Sugar. Also, I appreciate players don’t choose their own transfer fees and just because you sign for a lot of money doesn’t make you the best in the world. Generally speaking though better players command the higher price tags. Higher still towards the end of a transfer window.

With this in mind I take you to the start of my little tale. The date is August 30th 2012 and getting through the door late I’m greeted by numerous texts telling me that Andy Carroll was on the verge of the most dramatic U-turn in recent Hammers history. This I failed to believe as I’d concluded it was a quiet day and Sky Sports were needing to fill air time. Then again, back in 2006, I said similar about Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano. Hours marched on and indeed it was true. Andy Carroll was a hammer. This was a massive coup. I know this because the media kept telling me. But, with the option of a permanent signing once his loan has concluded, are the media and our directors correct in stating this is the biggest signing in our glorious history?

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Add Matt Jarvis to the mix of Carroll’s signing and I think these are bigger signings than the Argentine duo. Though none of us would doubt that Tevez and Mascherano were more talented and different signings, they came to us on the back of a season of achievement and exciting football that culminated in an FA Cup Final appearance. Bear in mind they were bought into the club by a guy trying to buy the club and it’s not as bizarre as it originally sounds. However, compare this to two players who have both played for England within the last year and cost £45.7m combined in their last two transfer fees and this is impressive. Especially when they’ve signed for a club who got promoted via the play offs. Granted, Jarvis is at best a fringe player on the international stage but players of such calibre are, I believe, make for an exciting start to this Premiership journey.

This I feel is a step in the right direction. Carroll, like him or not, is a player who only 18 months ago cost Liverpool £35m. Vastly inflated? Definitely. However, to command a fee of even half that value, you have to have some quality about you. He reminds me of David Cross as a no nonsense, awkward lump up front, but probably with a bit more about him. He’s also now one of ours as it’s imperative we get behind him. Good luck Andy, now please get your hair cut!

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  • jaybs says:

    Not sharing the euphoria that many Hammers fans seem to have, as stated U TURN, but what option was left for Carroll even Newcastle seemed to lose interest the last few days, so that means that a player so highly rated all of a sudden either sits on the bench at Liverpool and gets splinters to joins us, if he is that Good why were there not top clubs in the Premiership and Europe all chasing him? also why pay the touted high salary for someone in this situation.

    It just concerns me that this also forces us into a Hoof The Ball game, even though Sam says he had good feet control, I have never seen it, he is neither that quick?

    But Carroll is here, all we can do is wait and see, I will respect him as any player who dons the shirt of West Ham, but I am not that convinced! at the end of last season some of our most entertaining games were when we played the ball on the ground!

    One last point the stupid Pony Tail! how about sponsorship to get it cut off for tomorrow and donate money to THE BOBBY MORE CANCER FUND, sure someone like The Sun would cough up! that may adhere him a little more to the rest of the club but he has to prove himself a lot to many of us.

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