4-3-3 is the one for me


So what did we learn from the win over Aston Villa? Well I’d like to think that the 433 worked a treat, after a ropey opening I feel we took control of the game; the midfield three of Kevin Nolan, Mark Noble and Mohamed Diame took a firm grip on proceedings; dictating play for large periods.

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So I must ask the question to those of you that are gutted by the departure of Sam Baldock to Bristol City…where exactly would he fit in? If we’re going to play 433 a system which not only saw us win promotion but also get off to a winning start on our glorious return to the shores of the Premier League where would Sammy fit in? On the wing he’d be wasted, as the focal point he’d be lost amongst 6ft plus central defenders who would literally gobble him up for breakfast. So where exactly would he fit in? Is his departure really any great loss?

I’m a fan of Sam Allardyce’s 433 I feel with time and with better personnel (ideally a new winger in Matty Taylor’s position and a 15 plus goal a season striker in Cole’s position) it will work a treat. 442 as a system is dying out; hardly anyone in the Premier League uses it anymore; the extra man in midfield is so important these days when it comes to seizing control of a game.


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Sam has been utilizing the formation since his Bolton Wanderers days; days in which he lead Bolton into Europe and four consecutive top 10 finishes. So I think we can be reasonably confident that it is the way forward.

Lastly did anyone else think to themselves ‘it’s strange that we don’t have a midweek game?’ that’s what a season in the Championship will do to you! Given how meticulous, in depth and thorough Allardyce’s preparations are; having a week to focus on one game will really suit Sam and ultimately allow him to further work on making his 433 a slicker and more effective system for us.

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  • Legends says:

    i think our formation will, and should, evolve between one match and the next and even during the same match. 433 to 451 to 442 to 352. … 2 specialised wingers will give us an option to be this flexible. Man U have been successful for years with 2 capable wide men, why would we not have this option in our squad? Also like to comment that 442 is not dead its still a viable option depending on the situation. We have Diame and Diarra now, and those 2 would keep us solid in the middle and free up a player up front or wide.

  • Craig says:

    Even though Nolan scored I’d still replace him with a more graft minded midfielder. I’ve not seen the stats of players from Villa game but I would put good money on him running less miles than Noble and Diame..!! I’d also replace Cole with Maiga. Jarvis on the left would be the icing on the cake.

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