What matters most about football to me?


I suppose its that unrequited love, I mean it’s no walk in the park supporting West Ham, in recent years there has been more tears than cheers but if anything my love, dedication and worship of my beloved Hammers has grown.

Football doesn’t ever tell me to be quiet or force me to go to the theatre during the 2006 FA Cup Final (seriously how amazing was Paul Konchesky’s goal? No it’s a genuine question, I was watching/being held hostage through a production of ‘Cats’ at the time).

Football has introduced me to people I would have never met, sometimes good, sometimes bad; although I think it’s harsh to directly blame football for bringing Adrian Chiles into my life (that’s right ITV, I’m looking at you). I’m talking more about the people I bump into on the tube, in the chip shop, in the pubs and in the Boleyn on a matchday. One of the greatest tools football has given me is the ability to discuss and express my opinion with these people, these fellow fans, the people that give West Ham its reputation as ‘everyone’s second club’, ‘a family’.

Football is more than a game and our friends Samsung understand that, so when they asked us what would matter most to us Hammers; Premier League survival? Marquee signing? Or another FA Cup Final visit? Obviously we said PL survival as it’s where the mighty Irons deserve to be. Samsung now want to know what matters most to you and they’re offering a chance to win a great collection of Samsung prizes (including a home entertainment makeover) Go on, get involved NOW!

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