Want him back? You’re ‘arry a laugh


So after four years with Tottenham Hotspur Harry Redknapp got the old tin tack. In my opinion he was very unlucky as he delivered two top 4 finishes in 3 season’s; certainly in the Premier League era Spurs have never known such levels of consistency.

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Ultimately though it was the throwing away of 3rd spot and Chelsea winning the Champions League to deny Tottenham entry into it; which cost our ex-manager .

Could Harry however return to the Upton Park hot seat? If things didn’t work out with Sam could we go running back to Harry? Would it be the same as it was before? The lovely football in the traditional West Ham way, wayward maverick’s arriving on our door step? Promising cup runs that ultimately end in failure? No.

Too much has come and gone; Harry was never really accepted by Spurs fans largely due to his West Ham connections, well its vice-versa now. He simply wouldn’t be welcome back at the Boleyn as an opposing manager let alone in the home dug-out! Football fans tend to have long memories and since Harry went up the road (after swearing he’d never leave Pompey again.) I still and I’d wager a lot of other Hammers fans are bitter about some of his conduct towards us…for instance the way he ruthlessly and publically pursued Craig Bellamy whilst we were in the midst of a relegation battle in the 08/09 season left a rather bitter taste. It showed a lack of respect for a club where he’d spent a considerable chunk of his playing/managerial career and was a slap in the face to the same fans that used to see him as one our own.



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I think the common consensus within the ranks of Irons fans is that when Sam leaves (which will hopefully be after 3-4 years after he’s re-established us as Premier League club) is that we’d like one of our old boys to come in and bring back the flair, style and swagger that was the hallmark of West Ham in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s; however we don’t want it to be a swan-song for old ‘arry…we want it to be his greatest ever signing Paolo Di Canio.

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  • Nick says:

    Big Sam got a crap little club like Bolton promoted to the premier League and kept them their for eight years and twice qualified for europe. Now he’s the manager of another crap little club and has got them promoted to the premier league at his first attempt, He’ll keep them in the prem and the ‘supporters’ will moan about his style of play. He has to play that system because these crap little clubs are skint and he has to make do with old has beens and other clubs cast offs. Just be thankful that you have him rather than the wheeler dealer from the east end. ‘Arry is going to find it difficult to find another club as he never ventures beyond the southern counties. Gillingham or Southend are about all that’s left for him to ruin. Oh no! I forgot about Charlton and Millwall.

    • The Cat says:

      You lot think you’re big time, so big in fact you wanted to move from north to east London. We’ll see how big you really are this season. Let’s hope you get all you wish for, including a new manager before the start of this coming season. Having a manager for more than a year must seem like stability to your lot. Knew you wouldn’t maintain your push for AUTOMATIC qualification because you lot are bottlers to the core.

  • The Cat says:

    We’re quite upfront when it comes down to it. It took an eastender to give you what you craved then you sack him when you think you can fly. The lot of you spuds would sell your gran, mum & sister for a penny. That’s probably the reason why you’re the most despised team in London. Big time Charlie’s the lot of you, with nothing to show for all your bragging. Levy sacked Harry because he missed out on a measly bit of compensation from the FA! Sums your lot up to a T. Sack first and think about a replacement after….. Jokers down to the last man, the lot of you!

  • Kevtheyid says:

    Pikey jokers.ur team isn’t half as good as the one that went down.your gona be tanked every week.just saying

  • Kevtheyid says:

    The wheels on ur house.

  • hockleyhammer says:

    Well what can i say, no i really don’t want ol’arry back, we havn’t got the money arry needs for success and lets face it the spuds got rid before he flushed them down the pan just like he did with pompy,it’s a real shame cos we all luved arry’the cheecky luvable cockney, but the way he’s treated the hammers and the hammers fans over the last few yrs was awful. As for all the spuds fans i think you’v dodged a bullet the way he’s treated your club is all you expect from a bloke who is about as loyal the french army is brave. As for big Sam, i think he’s done a great job turning our club around, we were a sinking ship when he took over and now we have stability in him and our owners who have the club in there heart, it’s not just a business to them unlike mr levy.coyi

  • Ironman says:

    Heard Andre Villas Boas is the fave to become manager. Well all have a good laugh at Spurs next season dont worry about that. The get Champions League once and they think there a massive club. My mate is a spurs fan and he always starts the banter, but like all over Spurs fans his views of his club are totally delusional. Harry was the best thing that happened to you lot and you will realise that next season without Bale, Modric and Van der Vaart. Kaboul will be off in Jan when your sitting 10th, Walker will be next. All of that in the least atmospheric stadium in the country, with the least passionate but most deluded fans.

  • Hammer Fan down under says:

    I know a former British cop, now living down under, who once arrested Harry…

  • Klevus says:

    I really wanted Harry to be offered the England job just so that spuds would be pants again. Couldn’t believe the luck wen they sacked him. Can’t wait to laugh at the egg on levy’s face when spuds go to the championship next season! It is down to Harry why they are where they at the top half of the table. Before Harry they were bottom of the league and he was sacked for just failing to get in the champs league. I believe, as with previous clubs ditching the managers that got them where they are (Allardyce – Bolton, AV – Martin O’neill, Jose Mourinho – Chelsea the list goes on) they will struggle to get back where they were. You will be lucky to get 8th next season. 10er says so!

  • Essexian76 says:

    Putting rivalry aside for a moment-Why exactly was Redknapp sacked from West Ham?, Never did understand it, as it seemed to just happen all of a sudden.

  • Blimey says:

    A good article which seems to have raised plenty of debate….?

    Even from Spurs fans, although I’m not entirely convinced these posts are from real Spurs fans, as I find it hard to accept that evolution has been accelerated so much even Simiens with single digit IQ, can master internet blogging…..

    Sorry to see ‘Arry leave West Ham but would be even sorrier to see him return…..

    • Phil1952 says:

      I’m fairly convinced they’re real – after all, if you put one hndred Spurs fans in front of 100 typewriters, then in the fullness of time they would reproduce the complete works of Shakespeare. Fair to say that they haven’t advanced quite that far yet though – as evidenced by the puerile nonsense they’ve written on here.

      I saw Redknapp many times as a player and was a great fan. However, he was a one-trick pony and you have to wonder how good he’d have been without Geoff Hurst to capitalise on his crosses. As for his character, he’s a nasty little back-stabbing chancer and betrayed a great man whose boots he wasn’t fit to clean.

      My 87 year old mum could manage Tottenham if she were given the money that Redknapp had to spend – and she wouldn’t have given up as soon as she thought there was a better job on the horizon either!

      He has proved that he isn’t fit to set foot in Upton Park again and I’m sure that the owners realise that.

  • nobes says:

    i would have harry back in a heart beat, spots young talent, (j. cole, lamps, ferdinand, carrick, bale etc) gets the best out of everyone at the club, has the ability to attract good players, plays superb football and is a triffic manager if we ever got him as our manager again i would be very happy

  • Sam says:

    Sorry but don’t want nothing to do with rednapp, don’t want a ex tottenham boss thanks
    Bring in the great paulo di canio!

  • Redknapp’s suggestion about the security of his longer-term future being the key to that of the squad’s leading players went down badly with Levy, who has made it clear that Redknapp’s position was nowhere near strong enough to say such things.. Thanks for sharing!

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