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On the 16th August 2006, Robert Green signed for West Ham after playing 241 times for Norwich City. We signed on the back of our first very successful season back in the Premier League. The season before we had Shaka Hislop and Roy Carroll filling in and out of the team. The signing of a player who had been ever present for a team that was in the championship and once in the Premier League. I thought that he was signed as a back up to Carroll and he would be playing most of the season on the bench and so it was. Green was given a chance in the team after a couple of Roy Carroll blunders. From that point we never looked back and with Green in goal, 5 years of West Ham’s history will be full of team sheets that say, ‘Number 1, Green’.

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I write this on the day that the club officially announced the departure of Robert Green. During those 6 years, he has been the last line of defence for us continually. Ridiculed by the cynics that never saw him week by week, for a mistake he made in THAT match. Though for West Ham fans, he will only ever be remembered fondly.

Some will say, why? Why, did he leave our club where he was settled? He was regarded as a hero and trusted by every West Ham fan. Some will be bitter and say, he’s just a money grabbing and egotistical footballer that has lost sight of what loyalty is and who that person is. I answer to those critics ‘No he didn’t’.



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I am not sure of the personal reasons why Green left, whether the rumours were true and that he didn’t accept the wages that West Ham would offer, or it’s a totally different issue. Personally, I feel that Green had spent 6 years with us, he knows that the fans regard him highly and he may know that he feels that he has taken West Ham as far as he feels he can go with them. Though the worry is that, what did he see in QPR that he didn’t see in us, both very similar clubs. London based, financially well off, ambitions, good squads. So why go to QPR? I’m worried that a long-standing servant for West Ham feels that it is time to move onto a club with not more ambition or prospects than us.

Though, whatever the circumstances, I would like to say thank you to Green for his service and good luck to him.

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  • Ironsmad says:

    ‘England, England’s no.4, England’s no.4’
    I’m not all that sad to see him go. He was good last season and no doubt he was a good shoot stopper. But i always worried from crosses and corners. Henderson is young and hungry. He can be twice the keeper Green is in 5-6 years. Green has gone to QPR for their ‘ambition’ lol no he hasent he has gone there because they are going to give him 2 mil up front and £50k a week, why lie!!?

  • Alex says:

    i wonder if he’ll stay with them when they go down

  • unhappy hammer says:

    good riddance qpr are welcome to him. dont no how u can say that he is not a money grabber, refusing a contract with us to go to a shit arsed team like qpr. he went for the money, everyone no’s that story of life today in football. no point trying to stick up for him he’s no better than upson, defoe, parker and so many other so-called heroes of west ham. im more bothered about seeing nouble go for free to wolves, our youth acadamy dont look like its ever gonna get a look in at west ham anymore. i think cole should get a massive pat on the back too, he stayed with us through the hard times and yes he took a massive pay cut just to stay with us because he wanted to help west ham get back to the premiership because he felt he was partly the reason we went down, i think alot more footballers could take a leaf out of his book, instead of playing s**t all season, get relegated, then blame the manager and the club for playing so c**P, and expect a move to another cluyb and abandon the club that paid the massive wage pack for someone who played no better than my nan could. i feel if the team you are playing for gets relegated i think their wages should be halved and they should be made to play one season at the lower league. might stop a few of the pay cheque players just waiting for that pay cheque each week and actually get out there and do what they are paid for. anyway on a brighter note glad west ham are back up and good riddance to the pay cheque players………also anyone who says parkers an hero of west ham, stop and think about the team he left us for, sorry no offence but a hero wouldnt leave your club for one of your bitter rivals that you no the fans hate.

  • Daithi says:

    C’mon, dozey boy Green has always been a star, even in Hammers teams that were defensively chaotic. We got 6 sensational years and let’s not forget that he stayed with us last season. Ifhe wants to make some extra cash towards the end his career in a business that only pays you when you can perform then who can really blame him?

    farewell big man and thanks for all the great times – especially the outrageous 1-0 vs Arsenal that we should have lost 10-1!


  • zola says:

    Totally agree. Don’t know his motives for going to QPR but he served the club excellently, has consistently been one of our best players and has ultimately walked at a time when his contract was up. Many players demand transfers when they are still contracted to a club. He can go with his head held high. David Gold revealed on Twitter that he was offered a 4 year deal. So presumably the terms at QPR were much better. One cannot abuse him for choosing the better financial offer when for 6 years at West Ham he has been in reportedly very low wages

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