Big Sam,Big Plans


So the transfer market is in full swing and some of the names linked with West Ham such as Kenwyne Jones…have left us a little underwhelmed to say the least.

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We’ve been linked with a diverse bunch of monikers; some of which excite us all like Wilfried Zaha the up and coming Palace winger, the wonderfully named Snodgrass and of course our very own prodigal son Yossi Benyaoun; the star of infamous ‘lasagne-gate.’

Could however the frequent links with the Stoke City outcast Jones be symptomatic of Sam focusing too heavily on power and strength as opposed to pace and mobility up front?

I sincerely hope not; it’s a real shame for instance what’s happened to little Sammy Baldock and I for one believe there were games last season where if perhaps he and Coley had started up top together; during for instance our plethora of home draws we would’ve turned 1 point into 3 on a number of occasions.

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So with us being linked with Mr Jones and with the 6ft 3 inch Real Madrid striker Joselu are we going to see the like of Cottee, Defoe and Baldock wreaking havoc in opposing penalty areas again? Sniffing out chances whilst perched ever so delicately on the shoulder’s of opposing centre half’s?

Yakubu another striker we’ve been linked with this window would certainly suggest that we’re heading further down the target man road. But perhaps that’s the way football is going…gone are the days of 442 and partnerships up front like Yorke and Cole, Sheringham and Shearer etc. Can anyone name a decent strike partnership in the Premier League anymore? No, however ten odd years ago you could’ve named plenty.


So perhaps Sam is right, perhaps the ‘fox in the box’ type is now nothing more than an antiquated striker, 442 is dying out and with it the aforementioned particular kind of front-man, 433 and variations of it appear to be the future and the focal point of this glorious new future is the target man.

So perhaps we wont see another Tony Cottee down the Boleyn but…it looks like that’s the way the bubbles are blowing these days.

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  • RobMob says:

    Ever seen the gigantic Lionel Messi? But how I miss the days of Hartson/Kitson!

  • Ironman says:

    Cisse/Ba Rooney/Welbeck two more than decent strike partnerships. They key word is “linked” with Jones and Joselu, i’d wait and see who we actually sign and back whoever Sam brings in.

    • Chris says:

      Can anyone spread any light in barrera? are on about him playing in the concaf but is he coming back? I think he still is a player we could do with.

  • The Cat says:

    I can understand lazy media journalists linking us with players like Jones & it must be fun mixed with a fair amount of destructive wickedness to use such rumours against West Ham, knowing both Sam’s and our clubs history.
    We are actively seeking a goalscorer on our return to the Premiership & anyone with half a braincell knows Jones isn’t that man. So we need to calm down just a little. As Ironman said, whoever Big Sam brings in I’ll back his judgement. Let’s not forget Sam’s no Premiership Rookie!
    As for Barrera, he’s been assessed already and he pulled up NO tree’s in Spain. Basically, he’s in the shop window!

  • allardyce look at hoilot jagielka and try to get dobbie and robbiekeane try to please come on you iorns

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