BFS looking at WBA’s, J.O?


One of the latest names to be linked to West Ham is Swedish international centre half Jonas Olsson. The towering defender appeared in two of Sweden’s three matches at Euro 2012, including the 3-2 defeat by England.

Olsson has one year remaining on his contract at West Bromwich Albion but West Ham are reportedly looking to take him away from the Hawthorns to Upton Park.

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Having made 128 appearances for West Brom in the Premier League, should Olsson come to West Ham, he would have more top flight experience than James Tomkins and Winston Reid with their total only combining to 67 appearances.


After the departure of Abdoulaye Faye on a free transfer, West Ham currently only possess two recognised centre backs in Tomkins and Reid creating the need for an addition to the back line.

Olsson is a commanding centre back who brings assurance to any teams defence, despite Sweden’s shaky showings in Poland and Ukraine. At 6’4’’, he is often the victor in any aerial battle and can fit in nicely on the left side of the centre half position.

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He is much more of a similar player to Tomkins rather than Reid, as instead of coming out of the backline to collect the ball, he will often stay in position and cover for the goalkeeper and his centre back partner.

If Olsson were to arrive, he could be a tremendous acquisition to prevent goals at the back and will be available for a small fee due to the time remaining on his contract.

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  • zola says:

    Would create good competition for places. I would like Reid to be given the chance to further improve this season but we need more centre backs. Seemed strange letting Faye go as he provided good cover at centre back, aswell as vast prem experience

  • The Cat says:

    I enjoy reading most articles regarding my beloved West Ham…………..
    BUT I object to headline grabbing BFS! If other supporters want to say that king of thing then I guess we’re fair game,but our OWN supporters?
    It’s Big Sam to me and many others, show a bit of class!

  • Steve Clark says:

    Not going to happen

  • Baggie says:

    Only west ham fans could be so up themselves to expect to sign the best defender from a team who has just finished 10th in the premier league. You’ve just got promoted, through the play offs, you’re not a big club, set your sights accordingly.

  • Dear baggie you must have a nose bleed as you are not used to being up so high ie. the EPL. The word yoyo was invented by your team. you have had one decent season with a few wobbles. how many players from the WBA youth system are at the euros ? how many players who came through the ranks at WBA are in the current England set up ?WEST HAM currentley have 4 in the team 5 if you count Terry who came through us in the 2010 world cup we had 8. Althrough I do not think of WHU as up there with Man Utd, Man City, or even Arsenal compared to WBA we are giantsget real most of your players would jump at the chance to join WHU. Enjoy your elegation fight next season.

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