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At my first ever visit to Upton Park, one of the first memories I have was the half time entertainment. Well, it definitely wasn’t as entertaining for me as it was for the men sat in the stadium.

A group of about 12 women in very short shorts and skin tight West Ham shirts paraded onto the pitch and proceeded to dance to club remixes of chart hits – sometimes they went crazy and did a megamix. Oh yeah, these girls were talented.

Women wanted to be them, men wanted to be with them – they were pretty popular ladies around the Boleyn. Of course, I’m talking about those foxy Hammerettes. Remember them? Who am I kidding – of course you bloody remember them!

But what exactly has happened to those lovely ladies? Well the Hammerettes made their first ever appearance for West Ham in January 1970 against Manchester United. After a popular debut performance, the Hammerettes became a regular feature until they disappeared in 2007. They were briefly brought back to us in 2010 but promptly left the stadium again, much like our friend Mr. Moon.

So why exactly did the Hammerettes disappear, and don’t you agree that they should come back? I did hear a vicious rumour that they were two-timing us with Fulham FC, which I was less than impressed with. Everyone knows you can’t fully support two football teams!

After doing some digging, I’ve found some suggestions that the Hammerettes were actually a dance troupe called the Allstarzz, but that’s about all I can find – they don’t even have a wikipedia page! If anyone knows anything about the Hammerettes or why they were stopped, please let me know.

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  • Sophie says:

    I am the current team manager of the West Ham Hammerettes and we have been promoting around the Boleyn ground for the last two years. We would absolutely love to be dancing on the pitch again but at the moment it’s not happening! Thanks for your support and follow us on twitter! @hammerettes #getthehammerettesback
    Best wishes
    The Hammerettes

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