Big Sam out? Who can replace him?


After a run of form that’staken us from the top of the table down to 3rd place, having drawn five consecutive games (before eventually winning last night) many fans are calling for Big Sam’s head already.

To outsiders, this may seem ludicrous given that we are still well in with a chance of automatic promotion,but I think it was always going to be difficult for Sam to get into the fans ‘good books’ given his reputation as a long-ball man. I don’t think the things he has said in press conferences and interviews have helped his cause either.

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To be honest, it is very unlikely he will get sacked at this moment in time, despite what a lot of fans want, but if he were to get the boot who could we realistically replace himwith?

The man everyone wants, for obvious reasons, is Paolo Di Canio. His passion and exuberance would be welcome admissions, and he has done a fine job with Swindon in his first managerial role. I’m pretty sure if we wanted too we could prize him away from the League Two leaders and back to Upton Park, but would this be too bigger gamble?

He has very little experience in management, and the step-up to the nPower Championship and hopefully then the Premiership may prove to be a difficult transition for him. My heart says get him in now, but my head tells me we should wait a little longer for ‘The DiCanio era part 2.’

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Another feasible option,although again a risky one, is Charlton Athletic’s Chris Powell. Powell is another ex-player, and although he is of nowhere the same calibre as Paolo, he was always pretty well liked and I think he might get the backing of most fans.

You could argue that he is slightly nearer the level we are looking for, at the top of League One, but again his inexperience could become apparent at a bigger club.

Apart from these two ex players, it is difficult to imagine anyone else taking the job, at this pressurised stage of the season. It pains me to say it but I think the best option now is to get behind Sam and hopefully he will get us up. What worries me is that if we do get promotion it will be difficult for Gold and Sullivan to sack him then. But that is a problem to worry about later. At the moment, we just need to worry about winning tonight and beating Reading and promotion is back on. It is still in our hands!


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  • daveWHU says:

    Have we got another game on tonight then? At least I’ve learnt something on here.

    Try not to panic, give the manager a chance and do something useful like brushing up on your spelling and English in general.

  • Martin the Thrapston hammer says:

    What on EARTH is going on with SOME west ham fans??? Only the most fickle fans on the planet could possibly call for Sam Allardyce to be sacked ! If we had been offered this position at the start of the season – we’d have jumped at it! A win on saturday will put us back in the auto places for Gods sake! No-one will get promoted from this league playing pretty football – and Big Sam’s right – we haven’t played pretty foootball or won anything for years..People should get behind the team AND the manager and lets judge it all next season when we see who goes out and who comes in for the premier League. Stop bloody moaning Hammers !!!

  • Kev59 says:

    Unbelievable. You advocate sacking a manager who has had to rebuild a team after relegation and in so doing has got us in sight of promotion at the first attempt? When Sam said some fans were deluded, I think he was looking at you!

  • TonyWHU says:

    West ham playing poor football but if Sam can get us promoted first attempt,
    would be a great season all round, weneed to get behind our team.

  • neil says:

    It seems to be “Trendy” to knock Mr.Sam Allardyce – for once i have to defend him and give him some respect.
    I think he has been very restrained about commenting on a section of WHU fans who have given everyone the impesssion – at least – of not being very knowledgeable about football and to whom the word “Loyalty” seems unknown!
    “Getting out” of the Championship is a damned hard business – even my missus agrees – and she hates football.
    Whatever happens only 3 teams get promoted – The Success word!
    That leaves many dissapointed fans and players.
    Every one wants promotion – if possible.
    In the meantime Sam keep working hard with the squad – i am in no doubt you are.
    If any of you find yourself sitting next to a fan who fits all or part of the above description – Please do them, yourself, and the club a favour – have a little word – in their “Shelllike”.
    Ill let you choose the word!!!

  • Big fat Paul says:

    Get a life! I live dicanio, but he’s done f*** all yet, loads and loads to prove, league 2 mate, league 2. Everyone baanging in like we’re about to be relegated again. Boring, I’d love to see you buch of whining tw**s manage that team, that club and the expectations of the directors, share holders and fans… All the way Sam keep it up fella!

  • daveWHU says:

    You’ve got the response you deserved to this ‘join the lynch-mob’ article. PDC was a genius on the pitch but to talk of him as a West ham manager when he is still learning his trade is niaive and foolhardy.

    Remember the third word of our name and try getting behind the manager and the team.

  • spuds hater says:

    When sam took over he said it wouldnt be pretty football that will get us out of this league and teams would come to upton park with 10 men behind the ball, and he was right. 3 points against reading on saturday and we will be 2nd again, so come on and give the team and our manager all the backing we can cos they need us to spur them on. coyi!

  • Boo Hammer says:

    This site often has provocative yet poorly argued material on it. The thought of ditching a manager as capable of doing whatever it takes as Sam for either candidate mooted here is absolutely laughable. Even before this run of ‘bad’ form, some fans I know wanted him out on principle. I don’t even want him to go if WHU lose out on promotion at the first time of asking, but I doubt in those circumstances that he will want to stay!

    • neil says:

      I very much agree with your comments about the site.
      If WHU fans really “Know their stuff” why not get on this site and “Shout about it”!

  • nathan says:

    I have posted on several of these now, and to be honest it is boring now, why oh why are there so many so called “Fans” complaining about our manager Sam Allardyce? the man has come in when we were relegated, got a new team, got us over the “Relegation Hangover”, kept us in the top 3 ALL Season, and yet so called fans still moan about the West Ham Way, what a load of crap, in my years we have not played pretty football and won, we just lose, now under the Big Guy we are hard to beat even with 10 men, Milwall, southampton,blackpool all a point in question.
    we Need to get behind Sam and the team and stay there, not whinge and whine, we are still more than capable of being in 2nd place.
    Lets stop this stupidness and get behind Sam, if he goes because of all the Crap some people say we Will get relegated from this league and wont make it to the premier any time soon.
    get over yourselves , move on and support the team you apparently love.

  • John Thraves says:

    Your heart says get Di Canio in now? But your head says no? Jeez, you’re a romantic. It’s really depressing seeing the lack of support for what’s been achieved this season, not super football no, but some hard graft and signs of great team spirit. We are a team, like any other, that is desperate for support, vocal support, support inspires confidence. I’m sorry but this kind of post is more destructive than anything. A percentage of the 12th man at Upton Park are negative, ungrateful, easily frightened and deluded, the other percentage have hope, belief and optimism, but in order to succeed we need the whole 12th man, not a conflicted one.

  • Chris says:

    Sam does my head in. I don’t think he plays to our strengths and I hate the way he talks about the fans like we’re idiots. I also hate the way he drops beating arsenal into every interview.
    But even tho I hate his tactics and the man himself I wouldn’t sack him. He’s got to get some credit for producing a side that’s tough to beat. Even if that’s all he’s good at.
    But 3rd place with our squad is a failure. Not a massive failure, but a failure nether the less.

    • neil says:

      Chris – Copy this comment and see if you can Re – Post in 7 matches!

      • Chris says:

        I know what you mean mate and we’ll probably go up in second, but 3rd at this stage of the season, chasing automatic promotion with this squad is poor. I’m not against hoofing the ball if it works but when it doesn’t theres no plan b.

  • Lars says:

    I say look abroad, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer!! Norwegian champion in his first season as manager, with a team that has never won the title and were far from it the years prior to their title winning season last year! Praised by sir alex and everyone else..

    • Jim says:


      Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Are you actually, genuinely being serious here?

      You’re comparing the Norwegian league to English football.

      Well now I’ve heard it all!

      • Lars says:

        Yeah I’m serious!

        But I’m not comparing the leagues, I’m just referring to Solskjaers genuine managerial skills.

        Just watch him the coming years..

  • Colin says:

    i dont understand the point of continually moaning about Big Sam. In the past we have been relegated playing the so called West Ham way and now we have the chance to go straight back up in what is arguably a harder league to escape from and yet we just freaking moan all the time ..

  • Dave says:

    Agree with the majority here. Reality check, we have a great history, Moore, World Cup, ECWCF, FA Cup, etc, but history means nothing today. Sam was ABSOLUTELY right, deluded fans. I’ve seen more negative comments for BFS than Grant or Zola, two of our worst managers in history. Judge BFS at the end of the season. He had one goal, promotion, if it’s via the play-offs, so be it. We play pretty, we stay in the CCC. Get real.

  • John J says:

    Sack Big Sam? You’re deluded.

    When BS was using the word ‘deluded’ he was referring to the accusation of long ball football. In his terms, I guess I’m deluded as he clearly seems to prefer long ball to a big guy up front.

    BS has done well to turn a losing, ineffective team into what we have now. We shouldn’t forget how low we’ve been the last several years playing the ‘West Ham’ way. We should get behind the manager and the team and focus on promotion, one match at a time.

    Next year, if we’re lucky enough to go up, we’ll have to be patient again. BS wants to shake the long ball reputation. We want to stop being easy to beat. Give it time and let him build a better team, but sack him now and even think about Di Canio?? You need therapy.

    • terracechant says:

      Really, BS has made a team of so called premiership players in to a team that sits back when leading is uncreative and the stats prove we play the long ball style more than on the floor.

      We are not a premiership standard team and we will get relegated again if we keep this ot together. the manager is clueless in how to break down a defence, no creativity from the midfield thats watching the ball fly over there head.

      We are saving Morrison for what? the premiership, really, he would be better suited to gaining some exerience in the championship.

      Well and as for the Westham way, we got relegated last season, because of one thing we had a crap defence that the then manager did not know how to use. look at our stats we scored well last term but conceeded far to many.

      So getting behind the team I have been following over 40 years is never a problem, getting behind a team thats not performing to the standard of players we have is and watching a team dominate a match and take the lead and then change style and try and defend a 1-0 lead god thats hard to take week in week out

      Let the players perform to there strengths and we will win every match until the end of the season

  • colin says:

    I really would like to take this opportunity to apologise to Sam for the total b*llocks being spouted from the terraces by a few brain dead “supporters” who would appear to have manifested extremely short memories at certain junctures. Sam, you are an excellent manager and are top of the tree in my book. What you did at Bolton was nothing short of miraculous and dare I say it, West Ham usually got thumped at Bolton. You command respect and do not suffer fools and by hell there have been a few of them at all levels at West Ham over the last few years. We wide minded supporters are very lucky. Sound Board, brilliant CEO and a great Manager. We shall get back to the Premiership and I sincerely hope you are at the helm for a while to come yet.
    Again, sincere apologies for those half wits.

  • Lee says:

    I think this article was wrote by a Spurs or Millwall fan just to wind us Hammers up!!!!! Utter crap, think you should go back to writing kids novels or scribbling on the back of fag packets mate! Idiot!!!

  • El Martino says:

    Can you be a troll if you actually wrote the article? That’s what this feels like, desperate click-bait. 100% behind Allardyce here.

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