Buying for promotion or the Prem?


In the mercurial world of transfer rumors, it is tough to know just where to put any stock.  Many would argue that there is no such place, but if the rumors surrounding are to be taken with any seriousness at all, then the question to be posed at the moment is whether or not the players being linked with the club are meant to give a solid platform to get up and stay up or if they are simply a quick fix for the current situation.

One must hope that it is the former, as a club like can afford to push for a sustained stay in upon achieving promotion.  This is not to say that it will be easy, or even that promotion is in the bag.  This is a purely hypothetical outlook.  That being said, given the current standings and runs of form, West Ham should by all accounts get promoted. Before getting drawn into a debate about what the club should look for, let’s try our best to see what they are looking for, given the information available.

As it stands at the writing of this article, there are reports linking the following players with United:  Andy Johnson, Liam Ridgewell, Mervan Celik, Kane Ferdinand, Nicky Maynard, and Adam Lallana.  This group can be divided into two distinguishable categories, with one third being experienced, arguably aging players.  The remaining two thirds is made up entirely of young and exciting players.  Andy Johnson is 30 and 27, while the oldest of the younger players is at 24.  Given these facts, it would appear that would be looking to strengthen the squad and add some depth while keeping a sharp eye on the future.  This appears to be a good mix of experience and youth, but everyone knows that not everyone on a club’s shopping list gets purchased (or even can be), and that this list is based upon rumors and some very tenuous information.  With that in mind, the fun can now begin with wholly hypothetical debate about who West Ham should and could pick up in January.

Personally, I’d like to see the focus on the youth, as they all seem to be fairly exciting and promising players.  That being said, not a single one of them is a centre back, where is most in need. Therefore, perhaps a combination of youth and experience is in order.  Again, this is all hypothetical, and it’s hard to see Birmingham wanting to part with Ridgewell.  It is also hard to see Southampton parting with Lallana, but it must be said that with these potential players, the club is doing a good job of focusing on achieving promotion and staying up, with a good mix of youth and experience on the radar.

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  • redkipper says:

    A number of our current players will be replaced IF we get up this season.We will need more pace and guile in the premiership.
    Some of the players who left from last season would not hack it in the Championship any more than Messi would as the Champss’ refs are not keen to punish holding / pushing wacking etc – just ask Carew !! He takes the lot without hardly a complaint and I agree he softens up the centre halfs which is for Cole and co’s benefit.

    I have to give Sam credit for getting in players who are up for the fight game after game, something WH having been lacking for a long. time.

  • West Ham Fan no32 says:

    I am not sure I share your optimism about our promotion push, we are only 3 points clear of 3rd and things can change very quickly in this division, at least one chasing team usually hits an unbelievable run of form during the second half of the season and in the meantime we have to try and get ahead of the two points a game a curve to defend against the chasing teams. We have adopted a style which is practical but of we come up against teams who hit wonder goals like Blackpool against arsenal last season, we could have a run of unlucky results because we are not playing a style thats likely to net 3+ goals per game. In answer to question I would say buy for promotion we can then look at the situation again in May, one step at a time and hopefully we will hold our nerve. COYI!

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