What a difference a season makes

Date: 16th November 2012 at 1:34 pm
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So let’s just think about the last time we were in the Premier League. Cast your mind back to before that win-filled season in the Championship, if you dare…

A joke of a captain who now can’t even make Stoke City’s bench (good move there Matthew!). Players that weren’t giving their all for the club (stand up, Freddie Piquionne), and we were just generally, well, not very good!

Now let’s fast forward to this season. How bloody great do you lot all feel about it? I’d say I’m 10/10 happy with the boys and the progress that the team has made. We’ve already equalled the amount of away wins we got in the whole of our last season in the top flight.

I know not a lot of people had love for Kevin Nolan when he first joined, and even I thought he was a bit of a passenger at times last season. But now, I wouldn’t want anyone else to fill his role. He can aggravate the opposition for one thing, and is currently our top scorer for another!


This team, they want to play for West Ham. Just think of our last two matches, against Manchester City and Newcastle United. They were dogged performances and showed true grit and determination. Where Southampton and Reading have crumbled, we have shone in the division so far.

Now, we all know it might not stay this easy in the Premier League. We’ve got some tough matches to come, with Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea not too far around the corner. But the start we’ve made has been brilliant – as it stands we’ll all need to renew our passports; and who could see that happening a few months ago?!

Basically, this rambly article has just been to say, I’m proud you West Ham. I can’t believe the transformation of our club, and long may it continue!

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2 thoughts on “What a difference a season makes

  • steve carr
    3 years ago

    dont u just love big sam, what a manager.

  • Legends
    3 years ago

    BS is doing well and he’s won me over so far. … Remember he rebuilt a team for the Championship in a very short period of time, which went on and achieved promotion at 1st attempt. He has also added to the squad and prepared us well for the Premier league. Bringing in the old WH boys Collins, McCartney and Yossi were key decisions. Trusting Reid with game time another. Signing Diame. … I think the jury is still out on Jarvis at €10m, he hasn’t warranted that fee for me so far. And Carroll has played well, helping out when we’re defending etc, but we must remember he’s earning the wage of 2 quality players put together.
    But the strategy of Jarvis providing for Carroll hasn’t worked out, at all. And that was an important investment. But we’ve been performing despite the Jarvis Carroll tactic and playing some good football with solid defensive foundations. We’ve rode our luck sometimes but you can see all the players are giving 100%.
    Credit to the Players. Credit to Sam for talking sense most of the time. And credit to the Owners for supporting him and the club.
    Long may it continue. COYI


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