Cautionary Tales

Date: 15th November 2012 at 6:12 pm
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“If people have been surprised by us so far, then that’s their fault for underestimating us. We added some more quality to the squad that we came up with in the summer, so we knew we had a chance of finishing in the top 10. We’re looking like we can do that.”



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These were the comments of Kevin Nolan following West Ham’s dogged win against Newcastle United at the weekend.  These are unprecedented times for West Ham of recent times – this is our best start to a season for a quarter of a century and whilst occupying 6th place in the table we are also almost half way to the forty point mark.


So can we now be allowed to dream? Dream of a continuation of the same form, resilient defending and unprecedented consistency with the end result of a top 10 finish and the possibility of our foray into Europe since 2006?



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The short answer is no. Whilst it’s a great time to be a West Ham supporter we need to keep our feet on the ground and look towards our first goal for the 40 point mark and survival. Only when surpassing this goal can we start to dream and look at securing a comfortable mid table finish, or even dare to look into the top half.


Undoubtedly for the first time in a while we have a balanced squad and we are 12 points clear of relegation after 11 games but with games against Tottenham, Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, West Brom, Everton before Christmas there is a chance that we could find ourselves closer to the relegation zone come the New Year.



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Perhaps I’m being pessimistic I just don’t think we should be getting carried away with ourselves. At least not until we beat Man U away and both Chelsea and Liverpool at home!


But what do you think do you think West Ham will be able to maintain our current form? Or will our dreams fade and die? Let us know.


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7 thoughts on “Cautionary Tales

  • TorontoHammer
    3 years ago

    After the Southampton game (when we had 14 pts) i felt we’d do well to have 25pts on Dec 31st. Having now gotten to 18pts that looks eminently achievable.
    Everyone says you need 40pts to survive…….right now i can’t see needing more than 36/37 pts to survive looking at the league table

  • legends11
    3 years ago

    i disagree with the psycology of aiming to stay up first and then push on. You either push from the start to the finish or you won’t get anywhere near the top 6. … we’ve started well, but we should push for 30 points by the new year. If that happens, we should strengthen the squad in Jan and push on for one of the highest finishes we’ve ever had! Why consolidate our position or aim low when we’re already in with a chance of accomplishing that? have a go now! Dont put off til tomorrow what you can achieve today.

  • Vampire Weekend
    3 years ago

    Great article. It’s hard to not be optimistic at the moment but we should wait until the new year til we start getting carried away!

  • Spence
    3 years ago

    Absolutely key to this resurgence, and the future of the club, will be to keep for the long terms young, committed players like Noble, Reid, and Tomkins. Its the same old story as these players perform well and begin to make a name for themselves when the lazy predatory clubs come sniffing (you know the ones who havent the inclination or talent to produce their own youngsters) and prise our assetts away (the past list is endless so I wont bore you with the names !!)with money and promises. The worst thing is we let it happen, or HAVE let in happen, as though we exist to feed the lazy clubs like Spurs (why on earth do we still do business with them ????), and Chelsea (the club that set British soccer back decades by throwing cash every which way at a time when sense was just beginning to prevail).
    IF the two Davids are really serious about our club, then they refuse all bids or interest in these players, and make it clear that they are at a big club with ambition to get even bigger. The sale of the family Jewels in the lat 12 years set us back so badly and must never be allowed to happen again. Mr Sullivan, Mr Gold…we are watching !!! COYI….

  • The Cat
    3 years ago

    I’m definitely NOT a Pessimist and I’m NOT one of those over the top Optimist’s! But is should be obvious to Everyone by now that we have one of the most experienced managers in British football today.
    Big Sam is the type of manager that leaves a legacy on a club for years to come. He has brought a Professionalism, Winning Mentality and Direction!

    First season stability followed by second season progression is what I expect because the club is now being led from the front by an ambitious manager working in harmony with ambitious chairmen. All things seem to be in alignment and for the first time in years as a supporter I feel that this club is moving onto bigger and better things.

    In Big Sam we trust & may he remain for many a year!


  • Jimmy MysterY
    3 years ago

    Legends11 – I think Tim is talking about the fans get ahead of themselves not the club. We’d all love to push on and get our to 30 points by the start of 2013 but we shouldn’t get too carried away otherwise we could end up disappointed even if we end up in a respectable such as 12th.

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

  • Geoff
    3 years ago

    I agree with Legends11, if WHU only aims for safety then its likely that the best we will achieve is safety. If we aim for mid-table then it’s likely that’s all we will achieve. If we aim for Top6 & don’t get there then maybe we will make mid-table. However what if we did make Top6? No more dreams fading & dying, it’s time to blow bubbles!


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