Big Sam all the way

Date: 18th November 2012 at 4:27 pm
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Since took over the club all I have heard is he plays the long ball, he cant play with the ball on the floor, its just hoof ball, its not the West Ham way!



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But the fact of the matter is it’s not the West Ham way it’s not what we are used to as West Ham fans but he has found the formula to make us hard to beat and has got us winning! So like it or not the old way wasn’t working for us and the Allardyce way is the right way…………… For now.



So Allardyce took over a West Ham team in June 2011 which to be fair has an abysmal season under Avram Grant. It was a team that leaked goals, struggled to score and couldn’t see out a game. This is hard for me to say as a die hard West Ham fan, but it’s the truth.



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Allardyce’s first season at West Ham in the Championship was successful. Many thought we should of won the Championship but I feel it is a more difficult league than people think, we kept a strong squad not selling many players and adding to the team in the right areas. The key signing for me was Kevin Nolan… why did he come to West Ham?… One reason Sam Allardyce.



He made us a hard team to break down, a hard team to score against and a team that could now see out games, but not only that a team that looked like they could boss a game. They are scrappy when needed, entertaining when needed and more surprisingly a nice game on the floor when needed and this is what he has brought to the club.



He is a manager who knows how to get the right result and how to win games. I am not saying we are going to win everything and become a top four team in 5 years but we are now tough to beat and when we do get beaten we aren’t getting rolled over like we used to. The other thing I feel he has brought is that he spends money well and only spends in the areas that are needed.



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I think Allardyce should get more credit for the work he does he has got this team working well it looks confident. He has got the team wanting to play for him and it is a team that looks together and exciting. So much has to be applauded for his man-management skills.



The next question is though – is he a manager that can take us to the next level?? I don’t know I really hope he is and I really hope he is given the right to try.


As a Hammer I am most certainly happy with him and I don’t want any other manager at the club. I don’t think we have looked this good for a long time. And not just saying this because of the fantastic start to the season we have had I am happy for survival in our first season back in the big time.





Carl Bateson


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3 thoughts on “Big Sam all the way

  • Steve H
    3 years ago

    Well ! I walked out of a few games last year and did not like what I was seeing, but! Have to say he , Sam! Has won me over.
    He is just what we needed at the time, we never get the full storey, all we get is the press crap when the reporter is a spud, gooner, and even more obnoxious Millwall.
    I will be in my seat tomorrow to see the Hammers slip into 5th place. And to all you that said “I will not come to another game while BFS is in charge”! Think back to how shit it was. Just like my dreams they fade and die!!!

  • The Cat
    3 years ago

    Well said!
    Can Big Sam take us to the next level???…..
    You Betcha!
    Harry was the last manager who truly got us to a level of expectation! The difference this time is Big Sam actually knows how to do it when it matters (given the funds) and I believe the Best Manager we’ve had since Johnny Lyall!

    Big Sams Claret & Blue Army!!!

  • Nigel
    3 years ago

    Far too soon to say. Sam is a good manager, no debate. Though one cannot dispute he has steadied the ship with good financial support from the shareholders and astute buys we are a long way from being trophy winners. I applaud the manager and thank him for what he has achieved for all the fans. I know I will be pilloried but I place entertainment and flair above all – that is why I have been a Hammer for 45 years. I genuinely admire Big Sam as I admire anyone who is top of the tree at what they do. I still cling to hope however that our team can win through breathtaking football rather than pragmatism. This may be a matter of time and money but I fear not.


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